Patch 2.4.0 PTR Patch Notes

Posted by DHAdmin on November 11th, 2015 at 9:52 pm
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Below you'll find the preliminary PTR patch notes for patch 2.4.0. Please note that this isn't the final version of the patch notes and that some changes may not be documented or described in full detail.

PTR PATCH 2.4.0 - v2.4.0.34408

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Table of Contents:

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New Feature: Greyhollow Island
The mysterious forested locale of Greyhollow Island is now open for exploration! Inhabited by new enemies and steeped in intrigue, brave the wilds and unravel the enigma behind the isle's mysterious inhabitants. Be forewarned, however; the land itself is hungry for blood.

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New Feature: Expanded Zones
The Sanctuary you know grows a little bit larger! Two existing zones are receiving new, fully explorable additions, featuring new bounties and events. Survive the hunting grounds of the fierce yeti in the Eternal Woods, a new branch of The Ruins of Sescheron zone. Leoric's Manor becomes a bit grander beyond the collapsed stairwell in Act I, opening up the Royal Quarters for curious treasure hunters.

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New Feature: Set Dungeons
Test your mettle against one of twenty four custom designed set dungeons! Each dungeon features a pre-generated, static course designed entirely around a specific class set. Don all six pieces of your chosen set and visit Leoric's Library to obtain a clue on where these hidden trials are located. Hunt down your dungeon of choice and master it to unlock exclusive cosmetic rewards for one, more, or for the truly dedicated, all of these challenges!

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New Feature: Empowered Rifts
Spend your gold to empower a Greater Rift, granting a fourth opportunity to upgrade a Legendary Gem. Gold costs vary based on the tier of Greater Rift level attempted, and bonus upgrades are granted only to those who complete the rift, so spend wisely!

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New Feature: Season Rebirth
Transition seamlessly from Season to Season with the new Season Rebirth feature! This option allows you to instantly transform a non-Seasonal hero to a fresh level 1 Season hero, maintaining their name and hours played. All gear is removed and automatically mailed to you in the non-Season, providing up to thirty days to reclaim the items at a later time. Paragon level, completed achievements, and other accomplishments also remain behind with your non-Seasonal heroes.

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New Feature: Revised Buff Bar
A cleaner, clearer user interface makes its way to all platforms with our revised buff bar! Static buffs have been removed from the buff bar area, replaced by new indicators and timers that have been added to the skill bar. We've also included a collapsible buff-holder, which condenses party and group buffs and can be expanded by moving your cursor over the indicator, revealing all your buffs at a moment's glance.

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New to PC: Action Combat
The popular console version of Action Combat makes its way to PC! Massacre, Destruction, and Trap Mastery bonuses are now granted to players who chain together death, destruction, and clever play. Earn bonus experience, a temporary boost to movement speed, or a buff to your resource generation through smart and tactical play.

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  • Stash Tabs
    • A sixth Stash tab is now purchasable for 500,000 gold
    • One additional Stash tab per season (up to 4) will also be available to unlock by completing Seasonal objectives
    • Cosmetic pets now pick up gold for you

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  • Taunt now causes monsters to consistently attack you
  • Barbarian
    • Active Skills
      • Battle Rage
        • Skill Rune - Ferocity
          • Movement speed bonus increased from 10% to 15%
      • Furious Charge
        • Skill Rune - Dreadnought
          • Maximum number of charges increased from 2 to 3
      • Ground Stomp
        • Skill Rune - Deafening Crash
          • Now also reduces the cooldown to 8 seconds
      • Leap
        • Skill Rune - Iron Impact
          • Has been redesigned
            • Gain 150% increased Armor for 4 seconds when you land
      • War Cry
        • Duration increased from 60 to 120 seconds
        • Skill Rune - Hardened Wrath
          • Has been redesigned
            • For the first five seconds, gain an additional 60% Armor
        • Skill Rune - Invigorate
          • Life regeneration granted increased from 8315 to 13411
      • Whirlwind
        • Attack speed will no longer cause Whirlwind to attack faster; instead the resource cost and damage will scale with attack speed
        • Skill Rune - Dust Devils
          • Increased the movement speed of the tornadoes
    • Passive Skills
      • Inspiring Presence
        • Group Life regeneration increased from 2% to 3%
      • Juggernaut
        • Crowd Control reduction amount increased from 30-50%
      • No Escape
        • Now also affects Seismic Slam
      • Pound of Flesh
        • Has been redesigned
          • When you are healed by a health globe, gain 2% of your maximum Life per second and 4% increased movement speed for 15 seconds. This bonus stacks up to 5 times.
      • Sword and Board
        • Has been redesigned
          • While wielding a shield, reduce all damage taken by 30% and all Fury costs by 20%

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  • Crusader
    • Active Skills
      • Blessed Hammer
        • Skill Rune - Icebound Hammer
          • Has been removed
          • Replaced with
            • Crushing Blow
              • The hammer Slows enemies it passes through and has a 35% chance to explode on impact, dealing 460% weapon damage as Physical and Stunning enemies within 6 yards for 1 second
      • Bombardment
        • Skill Rune - Barrels of Tar
          • Has been removed
          • Replaced with
            • Barrels of Spikes
              • Each barrel also deals 1500% of your Thorns damage on impact
      • Consecration
        • Skill Rune - Frozen Ground
          • Has been removed
          • Replaced with
            • Bed of Nails
              • Enemies in the area of the Consecration also take damage equal to 100% of your Thorns every second
      • Iron Skin
        • Skill Rune - Reflective Skin
          • Has been redesigned
            • Your Thorns damage is increased by 100%
      • Steed Charge
        • Skill Rune - Ramming Speed
          • Has been removed
          • Replaced with
            • Spiked Barding
              • Deals 500% of your Thorns damage every second as you run
      • Sweep Attack
        • Skill Rune - Frozen Sweep
          • Has been removed
          • Replaced with
            • Inspiring Sweep
              • Every use of Sweep Attack increases your Armor by 20% for 3 seconds
    • Passive Skills
    • Bug Fixes
      • Fixed an issue that prevented the extra hammers created by Blessed Hammer - Limitless from benefitting from the Guard of Johanna damage bonus
      • Fixed an issue that caused enemies hit by the extra hammers created by Blessed Hammer - Limitless to be counted toward the Drakon's Lesson damage bonus

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  • Demon Hunter
    • Demon Hunters may now use Quivers while wielding a melee weapon
    • Active Skills
      • Chakram
        • Skill Rune - Shuriken Cloud
          • Duration increased from 2 to 10 minutes
          • Now has a 10 second cooldown
      • Multishot
        • Skill Rune - Burst Fire
          • Has been removed
          • Replaced with
            • Wind Chill
              • Enemies hit are Chilled and have a 10% chance to be Critically Hit for 3 seconds
        • Skill Rune - Suppression Fire
          • Number of enemies affected increased from 2 to 4
      • Sentry
        • Skill Rune - Guardian Turret
          • Damage reduction increased from 15% to 25%
      • Shadow Power
        • Life per Hit increased from 16093 to 26821
        • Life per Hit is now increased by 25% of your Life on Kill
        • Skill Rune - Blood Moon
          • Now doubles the total Life per Hit granted by Shadow Power
        • Skill Rune - Well of Darkness
          • Discipline cost reduced from 10 to 8
      • Smoke Screen
        • Skill Rune - Special Recipe
          • Discipline cost reduced from 10 to 8
      • Strafe
        • Attack speed will no longer cause Strafe to attack faster; instead the resource cost and damage will scale with attack speed
      • Vengeance
        • Now also increases your damage done by 40%
        • Skill Rune - Dark Heart
          • Has been redesigned
            • Now reduces all damage taken by 50%
        • Skill Rune - From the Shadows
          • Freeze duration increased from 2 to 3 seconds
    • Passive Skills
    • Bug Fixes
      • Fixed an issue that prevented Cold attacks from applying Numbing Traps the first time they damaged an enemy with Iceblink equipped

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  • Monk
    • Active Skills
      • Blinding Flash
        • Skill Rune - Soothing Light
          • Has been removed
          • Replaced with
            • Crippling Light
              • Enemies that are Blinded deal 40% reduced damage for 5 seconds after the Blind wears off
      • Fists of Thunder
        • Skill Rune - Static Charge
          • Now only has a chance to proc when the Monk that applied the effect hits an affected enemy
      • Inner Sanctuary
        • Skill Rune - Safe Haven
          • The Life per Second contribution has been reduced from 30% to 7%
      • Mantra of Healing
        • Skill Rune - Sustenance
          • The passive Life per Second contributed to your group has been reduced from 30% to 7%
      • Mystic Ally
        • Should now more consistently attack targets closer to you
        • Skill Rune - Enduring Ally
          • The passive Life per Second contributed to your group has been reduced from 30% to 7%
        • Skill Rune - Fire Ally
          • Explosion damage increased from 290% to 480% weapon damage
          • Number of allies reduced from 10 to 5
    • Bug Fixes
      • Fixed an issue that could sometimes prevent Sweeping Wind - Master of Wind from Freezing enemies
      • Fixed an issue that caused Exploding Palm - Impending Doom to overwrite other players' Exploding Palms
      • Fixed an issue that prevented the Exploding Palms applied by the Uliana's Stragegem (2) Set Bonus from benefitting from Way of the Hundred Fists - Assimilation's damage bonus
      • Fixed an issue that caused the Life per Second contribution from Inner Sanctuary - Safe Haven, and Mystic Ally - Enduring Ally to be increased by the Life per Second from other skills

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  • Witch Doctor
    • Active Skills
      • Firebats
        • Skill Rune - Cloud of Bats
          • Radius increased from 12 to 15 yards
      • Grasp of the Dead
        • Skill Rune - Rain of Corpses
          • Duration in which the total damage is dealt reduced from 8 to 3 seconds
          • The effects of this rune can now stack
      • Haunt
        • Skill Rune - Draining Spirits
          • Damage type changed from Cold to Physical
      • Hex
        • Skill Rune - Toad of Hugeness
          • Will now lick and slow enemies, rather than swallow them, while you have the Spirit of Arachyr (4) Set Bonus equipped
      • Horrify
        • Cooldown reduced from 12 to 10 seconds
        • Skill Rune - Frightening Aspect
          • Armor bonus increased from 35% to 50%
      • Locust Swarm
        • Skill Rune - Diseased Swarm
          • Increased from 75% to 750% weapon damage
      • Mass Confusion
        • Skill Rune - Paranoia
          • Damage amplification increased from 20% to 30%
      • Soul Harvest
        • Cooldown reduced from 15 to 12 seconds
        • Skill Rune - Languish
          • Now grants 10% Armor per stack, up to a maximum of 5 stacks
      • Spirit Barrage
        • Weapon damage increased from 425% to 600%
        • Skill Rune - Phlebotomize
          • Has been redesigned
            • Now grants 6437 Life each time Spirit Barrage hits
        • Skill Rune - Manitou
          • Damage increased from 2900 to 6000% weapon damage over 20 seconds
      • Spirit Walk
        • Cooldown reduced from 12 to 10 seconds
        • Skill Rune - Severance
          • Has been redesigned
            • Now increases movement speed by an additional 100%
      • Wall of Death
        • Damage increased from 1000% to 1200% weapon damage
        • Skill Rune - Surrounded by Death
          • Duration increased from 4 to 5 seconds
          • Damage increased from 1000% to 1250% weapon damage
    • Passive Skills
      • Creeping Death
        • DoT duration increased from 300 to 3600 seconds
      • Spirit Vessel
        • No longer reduces the cooldown of Spirit Walk, Horrify, and Soul Harvest by 2 seconds
          • Note: The cooldowns of these skills have been reduced to compensate

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  • Wizard
    • Shields granted by skills now scale with your maximum Life
    • Active Skills
      • Diamond Skin
        • Damage absorbed changed from 93337 to 20% of your Life
        • Skill Rune - Crystal Shell
          • Damage absorbed changed from 186675 to 40% of your Life
      • Magic Weapon
        • Skill Rune - Deflection
          • Damage absorbed changed from 10728 to 4% of your Life
    • Passive Skills
      • Dominance
        • Damage absorbed changed from 16093 to 2% of your Life
      • Galvanizing Ward
        • Damage absorbed changed from 81536 to 30% of your Life
    • Bug Fixes
      • Fixed an issue that prevented Arcane Torrent, Disintegrate, and Ray of Frost's damage from updating if your attack speed changed while channeling

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  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed an issue that could prevent you from clicking on some portals while you had certain skills bound to Left Mouse Button

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  • Thorns damage granted by socketing a Marquise Topaz gem rank or higher in a weapon has been greatly increased
  • The damage range of the Thorns affix on items has been increased
    • Note: This change is retroactive for existing gear
  • Life per Hit granted by socketing an Amethyst into a weapon has been greatly increased for all ranks
  • Born's Defiance
    • (2) Set Bonus
      • Has been changed from Monster Kills grant +20 Experience to Increases bonus Experience by 20%
  • Cain's Fate
    • (2) Set Bonus
      • The Experience bonus has been increased from 30% to 50%
  • Corruption
    • Now rolls with guaranteed Increased Gold and Health Globe Pickup Radius, and Increased Health Globe and Potion Healing
  • Depth Diggers
    • Can now drop for Wizards
  • Endless Walk
    • Has been redesigned
      • (2) Set Bonus
        • While moving, damage taken is reduced by up to 50%
        • While standing still, damage dealt is increased by up to 100%
  • Halcyon's Ascent
    • Replaced the guaranteed Cooldown Reduction roll with a socket
  • Istvan's Paired Blades
    • Each stack now also increases your damage and Armor
  • Legacy of Nightmares
    • Has been redesigned
      • (2) Set Bonus
        • While this is your only item Set Bonus your damage dealt is increased by 800% and damage taken is reduced by 4% for every Ancient item you have equipped
  • Mantle of Channeling
    • New Legendary Shoulders
      • While channeling Whirlwind, Rapid Fire, Strafe, Tempest Rush, Firebats, Arcane Torrent, Disintegrate, or Ray of Frost, you deal 20-25% increased damage and take 25% reduced damage
  • Nagelring
    • Level required for this to drop has been raised from 11 to 40
  • Profane Pauldrons
    • No longer drop
  • Moratorium
    • Damage staggered increased from 25% to 35%
  • Mutilation Guard
    • Life threshold required to activate the secondary effect increased from 30% to 50%
  • Plague of Thorns
    • New Legendary Gem
      • Adds 30000 Thorns damage
      • Thorns damage increased by 1500 per rank
      • At rank 25 your Primary skills Taunt the first enemy hit or 2 seconds
  • Several existing Legendary items have been updated to include a unique Legendary power
    • Note: Existing items will not be affected by the following changes. Only new versions of the items will roll with the added Legendary power.
    • Aquila Cuirass
      • Legendary Power added
        • While above 75-85% primary resource, all damage taken is reduced by 50%
    • Justice Lantern
      • Legendary Power added
        • Gain damage reduction equal to 50-65% of your Block chance
    • String of Ears
      • Legendary Power added
        • The melee damage reduction is now a Legendary Power and has been increased from 20-25% to 25-30%
  • Class-Specific Items
    • Barbarian
      • Band of Might
        • New Legendary Ring
          • After using Furious Charge, Ground Stomp, or Leap, gain 50-60% damage reduction for 8 seconds
      • Blade of the Tribes
        • New Legendary Mighty Weapon
          • War Cry and Threatening Shout cause an Avalanche and Earthquake
          • Rolls with +150-200% Earthquake damage
      • Blade of the Warlord
        • New Legendary Mighty Weapon
          • Bash consumes up to 40 Fury to deal up to 500-600% increased damage
      • Dread Iron
        • Now rolls with +150-200% Avalanche damage
      • The Legacy of Raekor
        • Has been redesigned
          • (2) Set Bonus
            • Furious Charge refunds a charge if it hits only 1 enemy
          • (4) Set Bonus
            • Furious Charge gains the effect of every rune and deals 400% increased damage
          • (6) Set Bonus
            • Every use of Furious Charge grants a stacking effect that increases the damage of your next Fury-spending attack by 300%
            • Every use of a Fury-spending attack consumes up to 5 stacks
      • Might of the Earth
        • (2) Set Bonus
          • Reduce the cooldown of Earthquake, Avalanche, Leap, and Ground Stomp by 1 second for every 40 Fury you spend
        • (4) Set Bonus
          • Leap causes an Earthquake when you land
          • Leap gains the effect of the Iron Impact rune and the duration is doubled
        • (6) Set Bonus
          • Increases the damage of Earthquake, Avalanche, Leap, Ground Stomp, and Ancient Spear by 800%
      • Oathkeeper
        • New Legendary Mighty Weapon
          • Your primary skills attack 50% faster and deal 150-200% increased damage
      • Skular's Salvation
        • New Legendary Bracers
          • Increases the damage of Ancient Spear - Boulder Toss by 100%
          • When your Boulder Toss hits 5 or fewer enemies the damage is increased by 150-200%
      • Vambraces of Sescheron
        • New Legendary Bracers
          • Primary skills heal you for 5-6% of your missing Life
    • Crusader
      • Akkhan's Addendum
        • Akarat's Champion gains the effects of the Prophet, and Embodiment of Power runes
      • Armor of Akkhan
        • (2) Set Bonus
          • Reduce the cost of all abilities by 50% while Akarat's Champion is active
        • (4) Set Bonus
          • Reduce the cooldown of Akarat's Champion by 50%
        • (6) Set Bonus
          • While Akarat's Champion is active, you deal 450% increased damage
      • Akkhan's Manacles
        • New Legendary Bracers
          • Blessed Shield damage is increased by 400-500% for the first enemy it hits
      • Akkhan's Leniency
        • New Legendary Two-Handed Flail
          • Each enemy hit by your Blessed Shield increases the damage of your Blessed Shield by 25-30% for 3 seconds
      • Blade of Prophecy
        • Now rolls with +75-100% Condemn damage
      • Bracer of Fury
        • New Legendary Bracers
          • Heaven's Fury deals 300-400% increased damage to enemies that are Blinded
      • Drakon's Lesson
        • Shield Bash damage bonus increased from 150-200% to 300-400%
      • Frydehr's Wrath
        • Now rolls with +150-200% Condemn damage
      • Golden Flense
        • Now rolls with +150-200% Sweep Attack damage
      • Jace's Hammer of Vigilance
        • Now rolls with guaranteed primary attribute
      • Jekangbord
        • Now rolls with +150-200% Blessed Shield damage
      • Norvald's Favor
        • New Set
          • (2) Set bonus
            • Every enemy killed while Steed Charge is active extends the duration by 0.5 seconds
            • Gain 100% increased damage for 5 seconds after Steed Charge ends
      • Roland's Legacy
        • (6) Set Bonus
          • Attack speed bonus increased from 30% to 50%
      • Shield of Fury
        • New Legendary Crusader Shield
          • Each time and enemy takes damage from your Heaven's Fury, it increases the damage they take from your Heaven's Fury by 15-20%
      • Thorns of the Invoker
        • Has been redesigned
          • (2) Set Bonus
            • Your Thorns damage now hits all enemies within a 15 yard radius around you
            • Each time you hit an enemy with Punish, or Slash, or block an attack your Thorns damage is increased by 50% for 2 seconds
          • (4) Set Bonus
            • You take 50% less damage for 8 seconds after casting Bombardment
          • (6) Set Bonus
            • Attack speed of Punish, and Slash increased by 50% and deal 600% of your Thorns damage to the first enemy hit
      • Unrelenting Phalanx
        • Now rolls with +45-60% Phalanx damage
      • Warhelm of Kassar
        • New Legendary Helm
          • Reduce the cooldown and increase the damage of Phalanx by 45-60%
    • Demon Hunter
      • Bombardier's Rucksack
        • Now rolls with +75-100% Sentry damage
      • Chain of Shadows
        • New Legendary Belt
          • After using Impale, your Vault costs no resource for 2 seconds
      • Danetta's Hatred
        • (2) Set Bonus
          • Now also increases the damage of Vault by 800%
      • Dead Man's Legacy
        • Now rolls with +75-100% Multishot damage
      • Elusive Ring
        • New Legendary Ring
          • After using Vault, Shadow Power, or Smoke Screen, take 50-60% reduced damage for 8 seconds
      • Embodiment of the Marauder
        • (4) Set Bonus
          • Now also increases the damage of Sentries by 200%
        • (6) Set Bonus
          • Damage bonus per active Sentry increased from 100% to 400%
          • Damage bonus now also applies to Companion and Vengeance
      • Fortress Ballista
        • New Legendary Hand Crossbow
          • Attacks grant you an absorb shield for 4-5% of your maximum Life, stacking up to 10 times
      • Hellrack
        • Now rolls with guaranteed primary attribute
      • K'mar Tenclip
        • Now rolls with +75-100% Strafe damage
      • Karlei's Point
        • New Legendary Dagger
          • Impale returns 15-20 Hatred if it hits an enemy that has already been Impaled
      • Lianna's Wings
        • New Legendary Hand Crossbow
          • Shadow Power also triggers Smoke Screen
            • Note: This item adds a 2.5 second cooldown to Shadow Power
      • Lord Greenstone's Fan
        • New Legendary Dagger
          • Every second gain 250-300% increased damage for your next Fan of Knives
            • This effect can stack up to 30 times
      • Natalya's Vengeance
        • (2) Set Bonus
          • Rain of Vengeance cooldown reduction increased from 2 to 4 seconds
        • (6) Set Bonus
          • Damage reduction increased from 30% to 50%
      • The Shadow's Mantle
        • Helm and Shoulder pieces have been added to this set
        • Has been redesigned
          • (2) Set Bonus
            • All damage is increased by 1000% while you have a melee weapon equipped
          • (4) Set Bonus
            • Shadow Power gains the effect of all runes and lasts forever
          • (6) Set Bonus
            • Impale deals an additional 40,000% weapon damage to the first enemy hit
      • Sword of Ill Will
        • New Legendary Sword
          • Chakram deals 1.0-1.4% increased damage for each point of Hatred you have
      • Unhallowed Essence
        • (4) Set Bonus
          • Damage bonus and damage reduction increased from 20% to 40%
        • (6) Set Bonus
          • Damage bonus now also applies to Vengeance
      • Valla's Bequest
        • Now rolls with +75-100% Strafe damage
      • Visage of Gunes
        • New Legendary Helm
          • Vengeance gains the effect of the Dark Heart rune
      • Wojahnni Assaulter
        • Now rolls with guaranteed primary attribute
      • Zoey's Secret
        • New Legendary Belt
          • You take 6-7% less damage for each Companion you have active
    • Monk
      • Bindings of the Lesser Gods
        • New Legendary Bracers
          • Enemies hit by your Cyclone Strike take 150-200% more damage from your Mystic Ally for 5 seconds
      • Cesar's Memento
        • New Legendary Bracers
          • Enemies take +300-400% increased damage from your Tempest Rush for 5 seconds after you hit them with a Blind, Freeze, or Stun
      • Gyana Na Kashu
        • Now rolls with +75-100% Lashing Tail Kick damage
      • Inna's Mantra
        • (6) Set Bonus
          • Has been redesigned
            • Gain the effects of every Mystic Ally rune at all times and your damage is increased by 50% for each Mystic Ally you have
      • Inna's Reach
        • Bonus Mystic Ally damage increased from 20-25% to 75-100%
      • Kyoshiro's Blade
        • New Legendary Fist Weapon
          • When the initial impact of your Wave of Light hits 3 or fewer enemies, the damage is increased by 200-250%
          • Increases the damage of your Wave of Light by 150%
      • Kyoshiro's Soul
        • New Legendary Belt
          • Sweeping Wind gains 2 stacks every second it does not deal damage to any enemies
          • Rolls with 100-125% Sweeping Wind damage
      • Lefebvre's Soliloquy
        • New Legendary Shoulders
          • Cyclone Strike reduces your damage taken by 40-50% for 5 seconds
      • Monkey King's Garb
        • Has been redesigned
          • (2) Set Bonus
            • Your damage taken is reduced by 5% for each stack of Sweeping Wind you have
          • (4) Set Bonus
            • Every Second Sweeping Wind spawns a decoy next to the last enemy you hit that taunts nearby enemies and then explodes for 500% weapon damage for each stack of Sweeping Wind you have
          • (6) Set Bonus
            • Lashing Tail Kick, Tempest Rush, and Wave of Light consume a stack of Sweeping Wind to deal 1000% increased damage
      • Pinto's Pride
        • New Legendary Bracers
          • Wave of Light also Slows enemies by 80% for 3 seconds and deals 125-150% increased damage
      • Riviera Dancers
        • New Legendary Boots
          • Lashing Tail Kick attacks 50% faster and deals 250-300% increased damage
      • Tzo Krin's Gaze
        • Wave of Light bonus damage increased from 20-25% to 125-150%
      • Vengeful Wind
        • Number of Sweeping Wind stacks increased from 3 to 6-7
    • Witch Doctor
      • Lakumbra's Ornament
        • New Legendary Bracers
          • Reduces all damage taken by 5% for each stack of Soul Harvest you have
      • Manajuma's Way
        • (2) Set Bonus
          • Hex - Angry Chicken bonus damage increased from 200% to 400%
      • Mordullu's Promise
        • New Legendary Axe
          • Firebomb generates 100-125 Mana
      • Raiment of the Jade Harvester
        • (2) Set Bonus
          • Instant Haunt damage dealt increased from 10 to 120 seconds worth
        • (4) Set Bonus
          • Now also reduces the cooldown of Soul Harvest by 1 second when you cast Haunt or Locust Swarm
        • (6) Set Bonus
          • Increased the amount of DoT damage detonated by Soul Harvest to 300 seconds worth
      • Ring of Emptiness
        • New Legendary Ring
          • You deal 75-100% increased damage to enemies affected by both your Haunt and Locust Swarm
      • Staff of Chiroptera
        • New Legendary Staff
          • Firebats attacks 100% faster and costs 70-75% less Mana
      • Vile Hive
        • New Legendary Mojo
          • Locust Swarm gains the effect of the Pestilence rune and deals 45-60% increased damage
      • Voo's Juicer
        • New Legendary Dagger
          • Spirit Barrage gains the effects of the Phlebotomize and The Spirit is Willing runes
          • Rolls with +45-60% Spirit Barrage damage
      • Wilken's Reach
        • New Legendary Mojo
          • Removes the cooldown of Grasp of the Dead
          • Rolls with +45-60% Grasp of the Dead
    • Wizard
      • Deathwish
        • New Legendary Sword
          • While channeling Arcane Torrent, Disintegrate, or Ray of Frost, all damage is increased by 75-100%
      • Delsere's Magnum Opus
        • (6) Set Bonus
          • Damage bonus increased from 750% to 1500%
      • Etched Sigil
        • New Legendary Source
          • Your Arcane Torrent, Disintegrate, and Ray of Frost also cast your other damaging Arcane Power Spenders every second
      • Firebird's Finery
        • (2) Set Bonus
          • Cooldown reduced from 500 to 60 seconds
        • (4) Set Bonus
          • Dealing Fire damage causes the enemy to take the same amount of damage over 3 seconds, stacking up to 3000% weapon damage as Fire per second. After reaching 3000% damage per second, the enemy will burn until they die.
        • (6) Set Bonus
          • Your damage is increased by 100% for each enemy that is burning. Elites that are burning increase your damage by 1500%.
      • Firebird's Talons
        • Replaced the guaranteed Attack Speed roll with Critical Hit Chance
      • Hergbrash's Bindings
        • New Legendary Belt
          • Reduces the Arcane Power cost of Arcane Torrent, Disintegrate, and Ray of Frost by 50-65%
      • Primordial Soul
        • New Legendary Source
          • Elemental Exposure's damage bonus per stack is increased to 10%
      • The Shame of Delsere
        • New Legendary Belt
          • Your Signature Spells attack 50% faster and restore 9-12 Arcane Power
      • Tal Rasha's Allegiance
        • No longer rolls with guaranteed Vitality
      • Tal Rasha's Elements
        • (4) Set Bonus
          • Increased duration from 6 to 8 seconds
        • (6) Set Bonus
          • Increased damage bonus from 150% to 200%
          • Increased duration from 6 to 8 seconds
      • Triumvirate
        • Arcane Orb damage bonus increased from 75-100% to 150-200%
      • The Twisted Sword
        • New Legendary Sword
          • Energy Twister damage is increased by 75-100% for each Energy Twister you have out
      • Unstable Scepter
        • New Legendary Wand
          • Arcane Orb's explosion triggers an additional time
          • Rolls with 50-65% Arcane Orb damage
    • Several existing class-specific Legendary items have been updated to include a unique Legendary power
      • Note: Existing items will not be affected by the following changes. Only new versions of the items will roll with the added Legendary power.
      • Barbarian
        • Standoff
          • Legendary Power added
            • Furious Charge gains increased damage equal to 200-250% of your bonus movement speed
      • Crusader
        • Heart of Iron
          • Legendary Power added
            • Gain Thorns equal to 400-500% of your Vitality
        • Hammer Jammers
          • Legendary Power added
            • Enemies take 300-400% increased damage from your Blessed Hammers for 10 seconds after you hit them with a Blind, Immobilize, or Stun
      • Demon Hunter
        • Dawn
          • Legendary Power added
            • Reduces the cooldown of Vengeance by 45-60%
        • Manticore
          • Legendary Power added
            • Reduces the cost of Cluster Arrow by 75-100%
          • Now rolls with +30-40% Cluster Arrow damage
        • Sin Seekers
          • Legendary Power added
            • Rapid Fire no longer has a channel cost
          • Now rolls with +45-60% Rapid Fire damage
      • Monk
        • Balance
          • Legendary Power added
            • When your Tempest Rush hits 3 or fewer enemies, it gains 100% Critical Hit Chance
            • Now rolls with +150-200% Tempest Rush damage
      • Witch Doctor
        • Last Breath
          • Legendary Power added
            • The 15-20 second Mass Confusion cooldown reduction is now a Legendary Power
        • Thing of the Deep
          • Legendary Power added
            • The 20 yard Pickup radius is now a Legendary Power
    • Bug Fixes
      • Fixed an issue that prevented the 50% damage bonus from Focus from increasing Thorns damage
      • Fixed an issue that caused the Natalya's Vengeance (2) Set Bonus to sometimes reduce the coolown of Rain of Vengeance faster than intended
      • Fixed an issue that caused the Locust Swarms cast by Wormwood to generate Fetishes from Belt of Transcendence
      • Fixed an issue that could sometimes prevent Flying Dragon from increasing attack speed by the correct amount
      • Fixed an issue that caused the attack speed buff granted by Flying Dragon to be removed when using a potion
      • Fixed an issue that prevented Teleport - Calamity from being counted as a resource spending attack while Aether Walker was equipped
      • Fixed an issue that caused Archon - Wave of Destruction to grant Chantodo's Resolve stacks
      • Fixed an issue that prevented Fate of the Fell from duplicating the ground effect from Heaven's Fury - Blessed Ground
      • Fixed an issue that prevented the Phalanxes that spawned from Falling Sword - Rise Brothers from benefitting from the Seeker of the Light (6) Set Bonus

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  • A new recipe has been added to Kanai's Cube
  • An arrow will now indicate the location of the Keywarden if you are in a zone where one is present
  • The names and descriptions of the Keywardens and the items they drop have been changed to correspond to the respective realms their machines open and the organs dropped in those realms
  • Bounties
    • Numerous bounties have been added to the game
    • The helpful locator ping now shows up instantly for boss, and dungeon clear bounties
    • The number of act specific crafting materials contained in Horadric and bonus caches has been increased from 4 to 5 on Torment X
  • Nephalem Rifts
    • The amount of progression granted by progress orbs in Nephalem and Greater Rifts has been increased
    • The number of progression orbs dropped by Rare monsters has been increased from 3 to 4
    • The total amount of progress required to complete a rift has been increased
    • Several new tile sets based on the new zones introduced in Patch 2.3.0 and 2.4.0 have been added for Nephalem Rifts
    • New snow and forest themed monster population types have been added for Nephalem Rifts
    • Pylons
      • Conduit
        • Reduced the number of enemies that can be hit by each damage pulse
      • Shielding
        • Duration increased from 30 to 60 seconds
      • Speed
        • Now also grants 30% attack speed
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed an issue that caused Conduit pylon to deal damage while players were ghosts

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  • Death's Breath icon and tooltip color has been changed to teal

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  • Experience granted by all monsters at level 70 has been increased
  • Monster health has been reduced in solo, 2, and 3 player Greater Rifts
  • Packs with the Frozen affix now have an increased delay between their Frozen casts
  • Ghom
    • All versions
      • Now more reliably spawns slimes on ranged targets
      • Extended the damage range on his breath attack to more closely match the visual
      • Increased breath attack damage, but it now deals its damage over 2 seconds
    • The Foul Desecrator
      • Slightly increased Gas Cloud damage
  • Morlu Incinerators
    • Greatly increased the cooldown of their teleport
  • Winged Assassins
    • Slightly reduced damage dealt
  • Wraiths
    • Reduced the range of their Soul Siphon attack
    • Reduced damage dealt
  • Rift Guardians
    • Rift Guardians will now teleport to a player if there is a very long walking distance between them
    • Rift Guardians now drop a guaranteed Forgotten Soul at Torment VII and have a chance, increased by difficulty level, to drop a second Forgotten Soul
    • Agnidox
      • Fire Nova projectile damage radius has been slightly reduced to more closely match the visual effect
      • Reduced the number of projectiles that Fire Nova creates
      • Now has a melee attack
    • Blighter
      • Melee attack damage type changed to Physical
      • Poison attack radius has been slightly reduced to more closely match the visual effect
    • Bloodmaw
      • Leap attack damage radius has been slightly reduced to more closely match the visual effect
      • Significantly reduced the attack speed granted by Frenzy
    • The Choker
      • Greatly reduced the radius of his large AoE attack
      • Slightly reduced the number of small AoE explosions that follow the large AoE attack
      • Reduced the maximum number of slimes summoned by 1
      • Now summons slimes more frequently
    • Cold Snap
      • Now summons Frozen pulse orbs more frequently as he loses health
      • Now begins casting Frozen bombs sooner
      • Reduced the number of Frozen bombs he summons by 1
    • Ember
      • Increased Meteor impact damage, but it will now do more consistent damage throughout the encounter
      • Can no longer cast two Meteors at the same time
      • Now casts Meteor more frequently when his health drops below a certain threshold
      • Meteor damage radius has been slightly reduced to more closely match the visual effect
      • Meteors now target a random player
      • Increased summoned Fallen Magus heath
      • Increased the minimum number of Fallen Lunatics that can be summoned
      • No longer runs from pets
    • Hamelin
      • Melee attack damage increased
      • Credit for killing him, and completing a rift, will now be granted immediately upon death
    • Infernal Maiden
      • Reduced the number of projectiles created by her Fire Nova attack
      • Fire Nova projectile sized has been slightly reduced to more closely match the visual effect
      • Mortars created by her spin attack now target players
    • Lord of Bells
      • Can no longer cast Threatening Shout
      • Melee attack damage type changed to Physical
    • Perendi
      • Collapse Ceiling is no longer tied to his melee attack
      • Collapse Ceiling is now cast on a random player
      • Now occasionally teleports to a random player
      • The Armored Destroyers now descend from the sky when summoned
      • Increased summoned Armored Destroyer damage
    • Raiziel
      • Lightning projectiles damage type changed to Holy
    • Rime
      • Melee attack damage type changed to Physical
      • Melee attack damage has been increased
    • Saxtris
      • Now summons adds less frequently
      • Now summons tornadoes more frequently when his health drops below a certain threshold
    • Stonesinger
      • No longer spawns clones
      • Now summons stone turrets that fire mortars and can be destroyed
      • Now has a charge attack
      • Now has a knockback
    • Tethrys
      • Melee attack damage type changed to Physical
    • Voracity
      • Melee attack damage type changed to Physical
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed an issue that allowed Agnidox to sometimes cast fireballs twice in rapid succession
    • Fixed an issue that could prevent the Lord of Bells from attacking

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  • An option has been added to truncate very large damage numbers
  • New item comparison tooltips have been added for followers
  • Skill buttons now flash when their cooldown has completed

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Patch 2.4 Preview

Posted by DHAdmin on November 6th, 2015 at 4:44 pm
Blizzard Quote [source]

We draw ever closer to the Public Test Realm for Patch 2.4.0, and it’s time to take a look at what the next patch for Diablo III: Reaper of Souls has to offer! We recommend you grab a drink, maybe a snack, and get comfy—there are loads of new items, features, and quality of life changes to cover, so let’s get to it!

Table of Contents

Please note that this is only a preview. The below information does not reflect all changes available in Patch 2.4.0 and is subject to change. Some images represent works in progress, and may not be representative of the final product.

New Zone: Greyhollow Island

Explore a new stretch of Sanctuary by venturing to Greyhollow Island! This mysterious forested locale is steeped in intrigue, and rumors abound that those who visit are doomed to never return. Brave the wild beasts and supernatural creatures and unravel the mystery behind the tragedies that have occurred here. This new zone is exclusive to Adventure Mode, but be forewarned; the land itself is said to be hungry for blood.

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Expanded Areas: The Eternal Woods and Royal Quarters

In addition to an entirely new zone, Adventure Mode will be growing even bigger. We’ve expanded on two existing areas in Sanctuary to give additional variety to bounties and pique the interest of the most stalwart explorers.

We know already what lies beyond the gates of the Ruins of Sescheron, but what’s the land like before it? Take a look over your shoulder and wander the Eternal Woods, an undead-infested boreal forest featuring new events and bounties.

Have you ever wondered what lies beyond the rubble in Leoric’s Manor? In Patch 2.4.0, you’ll no longer need to speculate as the blockade has been cleared and the Royal Quarters are open for exploration! Learn more about the Skeleton King’s living days and discover hidden secrets that are bound to lead to more adventure.

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Revamped Set Items

One of our long-standing goals has been to bring more parity across class sets. Patch 2.4.0 is going to be a milestone in this regard, as we’re revamping, revisiting, or revising nearly every one of the 24 class sets in the game. Some will see total overhauls, like Thorns of the Invoker or the Shadow’s Mantle. Others will be getting their power or play style juiced up, like Inna’s Mantra or Firebird’s Finery.

We’ve also completely reworked two existing two-piece jewelry sets and will be adding a two-piece flail and shield set for the Crusader. These are bound to spur an untold number of never explored builds, especially for those of you who’d like to explore the boundaries beyond 6-piece class sets.

The amount of changes headed to each set varies, so keep a close eye out for our upcoming PTR patch notes for full details!

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New Feature: Set Dungeons

With all these updated sets comes greater power, and, with our latest feature, greater challenge. We want to give players the opportunity to learn and master their sets inside and out. To do this, we’re introducing an entirely new set of challenges in the form of Set Dungeons. Once you complete and don the full six pieces of any given class set, you’ll receive a clue to track down an ancient dungeon designed just for you and your set.

These completely static dungeons are not randomized, and it’s up to you to decide how to best utilize your powers to complete these challenges. Mastering a set dungeon comes with cosmetic rewards unique to each set, but the truly dedicated can earn even more exclusive rewards by mastering all the sets from one class or even all 24 of them!

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New Feature: Empowered Rifts

While not everyone is a virtual billionaire, we’ve heard from plenty of players that there just aren’tenough ways to spend your piles of filthy lucre. We agree, and our next feature aims at giving you a way to turn all that gold laying around into a greater chance of glory with Empowered Rifts.

When you enter a Greater Rift, you’ll have the option to choose to make your attempt an Empowered Rift. By spending some of your hard earned gold, you’ll increase the number of possible Legendary Gem upgrades at the end of a successful run by one, to a maximum of four. The amount of gold this will cost you varies based on the tier of Greater Rift you’re attempting, so spend wisely!

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New Legendaries

It wouldn’t be a new content patch in Diablo without a slew of new items. In addition to the numerous Set revisions being made, we’re adding over forty new Legendary powers in Patch 2.4.0. We’re adding new powers to existing power-less Legendaries, introducing completely new items, and even updating some existing powers that previously lacked that familiar orange text. We couldn’t possibly cover them all here, but enjoy this tiny taste of what’s to come!

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Revised Buff UI

When Kanai’s Cube was added in Patch 2.3.0, we knew we were opening up a level of power to all players that was completely unprecedented. With all these crazy new levels of power came an overburdened buff bar, and we immediately heard your requests to spiff up the user interface for better, clearer communication.

We’ve removed some of the more static buffs from the buff bar area, improving the skill bar to show duration and whether or not a given skill is active. This has cleared up a lot of space from the more precious temporary buff area for each class, and we’re excited to hear your feedback on this huge quality of life addition.

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More Stash Space

It’s been a long time request for players to have more room to store their treasures, and we’re pleased to announce the technology has arrived! With all the new stuff we’ve added and the loads more that are headed your way, it’s time to give you more storage for all of it.

So much room for activities!

We’re adding an additional gold-purchasable stash tab for all players with the Reaper of Souls expansion. If you’re concerned that’s not enough, don’t worry—we’re also adding a way for players to earn additional Stash tabs, up to a maximum of 10, through our Season Journey feature.

Stash space works differently for our Console players, so we’ll also be offering comparable new space on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms. You’ll be able to purchase up to 350 item slots using gold.

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Season Journey Revisions

Seasonal players have spent Season 4 getting to know the Season Journey, a feature that details your adventure through any given Season, tailored for different styles of gameplay at every level. We’ve got some revisions headed to the Season Journey that are bound to make Seasons as a whole an adventure you’ll always want to re-explore.

We heard a lot of your feedback when it came to Seasons, so first up is a change that includes our non-Seasonal players: starting with Season 5, we will no longer be including new Seasonal Legendaries. Instead, all Legendary items headed to Patch 2.4.0 will be made immediately available to players regardless of Season participation.

However, we still want there to be item-based rewards as part of the Season experience. We’ve introduced Haedrig’s Gift, a special bundle of Set items you’ll receive on completion of certain stages of the Season Journey. Should you complete the first four chapters of the Season Journey, you’ll be guaranteed a full set of one of your six piece class sets. Which set applies to the Season will rotate with each new Season, so you’ll have plenty of opportunity to collect them all.

We’ll also be continuing to include cosmetic rewards, like banners and portrait frames, so don’t worry—there are plenty more of those to come!

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Season Rebirth

Sometimes, when you finish a Season, you just can’t wait to jump straight into the next one. We wanted to introduce a way for players to transition from Season to Season quickly and seamlessly, avoiding the tedium of the end-of-Season purge. The Season Rebirth option does just this, taking a non-Seasonal hero, reducing them to level 1, and stripping all their gear. Any gear removed from a hero in this way is automatically mailed to you in the non-Season, giving you thirty days to reclaim the items at a later time.

This change allows you to participate in a Season while keeping you’re hero’s name and hours played. This is a great option for when you’ve grown particularly fond of a hero and want to keep their legacy going or if you just want to jump straight into the newest Season. Bear in mind that your Paragon level, completed achievements, and other accomplishments all remain behind with your non-Seasonal heroes.

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New to PC: Action Combat

Players who have challenged Diablo on console may be familiar with this upcoming feature to PC and Mac. While you may already be familiar with Massacre and Destruction bonuses, these kill-and-destroy streaks function quite differently in the Action Combat system.

Massacre bonuses begin once you’ve killed at least fifteen or more enemies, and as you kill more, you’ll see this new bar accompanied with a timer that indicates how long you have to engage another enemy before you trigger your bonus. Completing a Massacre bonus gives you a boost to experience gained—the more monsters you kill, the higher the bonus.

Destruction bonuses occur when you chain demolishing destructible environment objects in the world around you, including barrels, stalactites, flimsy wooden doors, and more. Chaining together this wreckage will grant you a temporary boost to speed that will last longer the higher your chain reaches.

Finally, you can receive the Trap Mastery buff by defeating enemies through the clever use of environmental traps. This handy buff lasts longer based on the number of enemies defeated and grants you double resource generation for its duration.

The Action Combat feature will be available to all Diablo III players, regardless of whether you have upgraded to the Reaper of Souls expansion.

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And So Much More…

Patch 2.4.0 is a monstrous patch, packed to the brim with not only features we’ve seen requests for, but our own love letters to a game we have poured our hearts into and love dearly. We’re so eager to share all of this and more with you that we are aiming to launch the Patch 2.4.0 PTR in the weeks following BlizzCon so you can dive in and provide your feedback on all these new features.

We’ll have more information on how to participate on the PTR soon, nephalem, but in the meantime—we’ll see you in Sanctuary!

Blizzcon Diablo Panel Updates

Posted by DHAdmin on November 6th, 2015 at 3:45 pm

General Changes

  • Rebirth Systm - Start over but lose nothing
    • Gear is mailed to you
    • Keep Hours played
    • Keep characters records
    • Take the same character and start over fresh in a season.
  • Seasons:
    • No more season exclusive legendary items
    • However you get a guaranteed 6 piece set.
    • Seasons will be 3 months going forward
    • New stash tab for season journey, up to a total of 10.
  • 175 new bounties between Act 3, 4 and 5.
  • Monster Health Reduced in Greater Rifts for groups small than four.
  • Set dungeons - When you attain a six piece class set bonus, complete objectives in theme dungeons specifically designed to test your master, and earn unique rewards and achievements.
    • Instead of dying, taking fatal damage will result in dungeon failure. (Hardcore Heroes included)
    • Game difficulty has no effect on dungeon difficulty.
    • Uliana's Set Dungeon Objectives:
      • Kill 200 Monsters without taking fatal damage.
      • Kill 21 different enemies at once with exploding palm 0 / 3
      • Take no fire damage for the duration of the dungeon.
      • Mastery - Kill all monsters and complete all objectives within time limit.
    • Firebird's Finery Set Dungeon Objectives:
      • Kill 355 Monsters without taking fatal damage.
      • Kill 45 enemies on fire within 3 seconds 0 / 3
      • Kill enemies with the Meteor that revives you 0 / 20
      • Mastery - Kill all monsters and complete all objectives within time limit.
  • Guaranteed Set - complete set Journey objectives and you will earn a full item set by the end of Chapter 4.
  • Empowered Rifts - Empower your Greater Rifts for an even more fantastic reward! An Empowered Rift offers four opportunities to upgrade a legendary gem.
    • Gold Costs to Empower Greater RIft:
    • Greater Rift 1 - 159,000 Gold
    • Greater Rift 25 - 4.6 Million Gold
    • Greater Rift 50 - 49.9 Million Gold
    • Greater Rift 75 - 540 Million Gold
  • New Kanai Cube Recipe:
    • Add Primary Stat at x5 Gem Rank
    • Augment Legendary Effects
  • Damage numbers being changed. 12,345,456,789 will be shown as 12.3B or even 12,345M for example.
  • Death's Breath Visibility - Colour being changed to be easier to see.
  • Compare stat changes when changing follower items.

New Zones

  • Each area has new monsters, fights and tilesets.
  • Royal Quarters: Leoric's Private Quarters
  • Eeternal Woods
  • Greyhollow Island

New Enemies

User Interface Changes

Integrated duration's of skills. You can now see a bar above the skill icons.

Buff Holder to keep track of all your buffs.

BlizzCon® Charity Auction for Children’s Hospital of Orange County

Posted by DHAdmin on October 29th, 2015 at 3:31 am
Blizzard Quote [source]

This BlizzCon®, add some epic artwork to your personal stash—and support a great cause in the process! Beginning Wednesday, November 4 through Friday, November 13, we’ll be hosting a special online BlizzCon Charity Auction via eBay, featuring original Blizzard art, unique memorabilia, and other cool collectibles from our games. You’ll have a chance to score some awesome new loot for your collection, and 100% of the proceeds will benefit Children’s Hospital of Orange County (CHOC Children’s).

For more information and to get a preview of the items you’ll be able to bid on, visit our new BlizzCon 2015 Charity Auction page—then make sure to come back when the Auction House opens on November 4.

adp_BC_CHOC_Ozzy_LBthumb.jpg adp_BC_CHOC_Metzen_LBthumb.jpg
World of Warcraft Dell XPS Laptop Signed by Ozzy Osbourne Hellscream Sketch by Chris Metzen

Giant Crimson Whelpling Plush

In order to participate in this year’s auction, you’ll need to set up an eBay account—head to now to get a head start. If you already have an account, you may want to update your contact and payment information before the auction gets underway.

Darkmoon Faire Making a Stop at BlizzCon

Posted by DHAdmin on October 24th, 2015 at 5:16 pm
Blizzard Quote [source]

Fun, games, and wondrous sights—the most majestic, magical faire in Azeroth is making an unexpected appearance in Anaheim!

If you’re attending this year’s BlizzCon, set aside some time to visit Silas Darkmoon’s enigmatic travelling carnival. Silas and his crew are setting up a marvelous array of activities just for con-goers in Hall A of the convention center. There’ll be opportunities to meet with Blizzard developers and community managers at the Slaughtered Calf Inn and Community Amphitheater, booths to capture enchanting images of your adventuring party, chances to acquire loot and treasure, and more. Here’s what you’ll find once you pass beneath the Darkmoon eye. . . .

Slaughtered Calf Inn
Snag a seat, grab a drink, and hang out with the Diablo III development team at the most notorious tavern in New Tristram. You’ll also be able to play the latest build of Reaper of Souls on mysterious computational devices located around the inn. Read more on the Diablo III community site.

Community Amphitheatre
Enjoy a friendly chat with game developers from a variety of Blizzard games, meet Blizzard community managers, and interact with streamers and other familiar faces from around the community.

Pin Trading Booth
Track down Blizzard Collectible Pins around the convention, and then head to the Pin Trading Booth in the Darkmoon Faire to swap, trade, and complete your collection—more details coming soon. 

Capsule Toy Depot
Try your luck at this popular returning attraction! Purchase a token, then plunk it into one the Faire gnomes’ marvelous machines for a random Blizzard capsule toy. Trade with fellow convention-goers to fill out your collection!

The Pet Battle Masters of the Darkmoon Faire have set up a special shop for those seeking to bolster their real-life plushie pet collection. Head to this booth and adopt a fluffy, squishy, inanimate new friend.

BlizzCam 360
Summon your party for an extraordinary snapshot to commemorate your visit to the Faire. Leap into the air and strike a legendary pose surrounded by 360 degrees worth of cameras—then share the gravity-defying results with your friends.

Temporary Tattoos and Face Painting
What carnival would be complete without costumes? Represent your favorite faction, character, or game with Blizzard-themed tattoos and face painting.

Animated GIF Booth
The mystic Darkmoon mages have enchanted some S.E.L.F.I.E. cameras to produce mystical moving pictures! Snap a series of photos with your friends, and turn them into an animated GIF to share with the world.

Ignore the eyes that blink and stare, and head to Hall A to find the Faire!

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