Cultist Blood

Item No Longer Drops. Was used by the Blacksmith to craft the Legendary Dagger, Blood-Magic Edge.

Item No Longer Drops

This item was changed to longer drop in Patch 2.0.6. This item now sells for 50,000 gold to a vendor.

Item Details

Commonly drops in Act 1, Halls of Agony Level 1, from Cultist Grand Inquisitors. These are the best to farm as they are frequently appearing monsters.

Also found from these rare spawns:

  • Act 1, Leoric's Hunting Grounds (Northern Highlands) - Percepeus (Video below features this monster)
  • Act 2, Alcarnus - High Cultist Murdos (Rare Spawn Cultist)
  • Act 2, Alcarnus, Jhorum the Cleric (Rare Spawn Cultist)

The following video shows one of the unique monsters that drops this item. Note: The monster does not have a 100% chance to appear and it may take a few tries to find it.

Drop Chance

In Patch 2.0.4 (4-08-2014) Blizzard stated the drop rates for Legendary crafting materials have been changed to match the drop rates for Death's Breath. Those rates are:

  • Normal - 15%
  • Hard - 18%
  • Expert - 21%
  • Master - 25%
  • Torment 1 - 31%
  • Torment 2 - 37%
  • Torment 3 - 44%
  • Torment 4 - 53%
  • Torment 5 - 64%
  • Torment 6 - 77%

While the drop rates for Legendary crafting mats do scale with difficulty, their scaling is independent of the Legendary drop rate bonus slider in Torment 1-6.

Flavour Text

The dark cultists of the Coven channeled such great amounts of evil magic that their blood became tainted. Unbeknownst to them, this was intended, as they were always meant to be sacrificed to feed their deceitful master, Belial.

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