[US] wtt SC gold for HC gold

Posted by Member zerokewl on 2/3/13 11:00 AM #1
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Let me know. Tried of mp0 farming and gold will get me there.
Posted by Member razer22 on 2/3/13 11:54 AM #2
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How much are you looking for?
Posted by Member zerokewl on 2/3/13 12:56 PM #3
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Enough to gear my wd to run mp1.

Really depends what the Exchange rate is. I have about 30 mil on sc.
Posted by Member douvinsky on 2/3/13 04:46 PM #4
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How much does it take to decently gear a toon in HC? Is it cheaper to gear? What is your budget (in hardcore, and naturally it is limited by your sc budget and the exchange rate)?
Posted by Member zerokewl on 2/3/13 05:55 PM #5
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It is insanely expensive. Hc gold is x3 sc gold.

Look at Hc ah then pick any common legendary item. Most have about 3 pages opposed to 100 on sc.

To gear for mp0 it was semi easy. Above that could be spends as I almost die every time I try mp1. What is min stats for mp1 these days?
Posted by Member douvinsky on 2/3/13 06:12 PM #6
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I could understand why HC gold is more expensive, since HC players take the risk of losing HC toon and the gears. Even if they are just farming NM for gold they may die due to disconnection. Also, I am assuming that there is no bots in HC, hence less gold supply.

Players may trade SC gold for HC gold but we haven't seen a mass migration from SC to HC (getting bored of SC? Too much gold at SC and too many uber/ duplicated gears?). If it is, it would drive the exchange rate up at least in the short term when the migration starts.

BTW if you still need and want to trade for 1 : 3, I can trade in some HC gold.
Posted by Member ninjax on 2/4/13 01:42 AM #7
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Check out my gear for WD who farms MP1 softcore. Almost all of my items were under 2M apart from the Vile Ward.
Posted by Member zerokewl on 2/4/13 06:10 AM #8
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Will do. Problem is something that's 1 mil on sc could be 10 mil on hc.

Not to mention your gems are way spendy.
Posted by Member ninjax on 2/4/13 06:22 AM #9
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Yeh I can 1 hit all white mobs, which is a bit overkill. I did mp0 on much worse gear, so you can easily start there. I guess it depends on your build too, mind.

Hey don't hassle my gems, they're self upgrades and I'm proud of it! ;)

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