Blizzard 2012 Halloween Pumpkin Carving Contest

Posted by DHAdmin on October 11th, 2012 at 12:03 am
Blizzard Pumpkin
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The Halloween season has finally arrived, and we’re ready to cut straight to the heart of the holiday. If you're dying to pick up a knife and hack, gash, slash, and jab at something, then you might be excited to hear that as of October 11, Blizzard's 2012 Halloween Pumpkin Carving Contest has officially begun! Unleash your magical axes, psi blades, chitinous claws, and other creative cutlery to carve up Blizzard-themed jack-o'-lanterns of epic awesomeness. If you're unclear as to what epic awesomeness looks like in the flesh, you can check out last year's winners for some inspiration.

We'll choose ten of the grandest Cucurbita to earn one (1) World of Warcraft Monopoly Collector's Edition.

Don't delay; start carving right away! The ninth annual pumpkin carving contest ends on October 29, so be sure to check out the contest page for rules and eligibility and get straight to slicing.

Diablo News Wrap Up for Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Posted by DHAdmin on October 10th, 2012 at 8:59 pm
The main new bits of information today are the changes in patch 1.0.5 along with a quick word from Vaelfare about Set items on Followers.

PTR Maintenance - 10/11/2012

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The PTR will be down for maintenance starting tomorrow (October 11) at approximately 10:00 a.m. PDT. We anticipate it will be back online between 12:00 p.m. PDT and 3:00 p.m. PDT.

Set Items on Followers

Blizzard Quote [source]

As it stands currently, in order to receive the benefits of set bonuses, the set items need to be equipped on your main character. Set items equipped on Followers will not contribute to set bonuses.

We’re aware that this isn’t ideal, and we’re looking into some possibilities that would make using set items on Followers a more appealing choice in the future.

I am curious on what they have planned for making Set items more appealing to use on Followers. The majority of my playtime is solo with a Follower, so any addition to followers is welcomed.

1.0.5 PTR Changes - 10/10/2012

Posted by DHAdmin on October 10th, 2012 at 12:27 pm

A few more patch 1.0.5 changes were posted today.

Blizzard Quote [source]


  • Diablo

    Bug Fixes
    • Diablo's Curse of Destruction now specifies damage type in the tooltip

Demon Hunter

  • Active Skills
    • Bola Shot
    • Explosion radius increased from 7 yards to 14 yards (Was 17 in PTR)
  • Bug Fixes
    • Rapd Fire
    • Starting to channel at max possible range will no longer cause the channel to interrupt itself and attempt to close towards the mouse cursor


  • Bug Fixes
    • Mystic Ally - Earth Ally
      • Earth Ally will now actively follow players
      • Dashing Strike
    • Players can no longer become stuck if they die to a damage over time spell while casting Dashing Strike

Witch Doctor

  • Bug Fixes
    • Haunt
    • Damage now benefits from Intelligence and other skill bonuses


  • Bug Fixes
    • Archon
    • It is no longer possible to bypass the cooldown of Archon by combining Arcane Orb, Diamond Skin, and Archon


  • Fixed a bug where crafted items were not displaying the correct Required Level to equip them


  • The order in which you equip gear with a Legendary affix to add bonus Elemental Damage will no longer cause your damage output to change


  • Rare Heralds of Pestilence will now spawn minions
  • The following monster types can now spawn as Rares and Champions, allowing certain achievements to be completed:
    • Mallet Lord
    • Skeletal Sentry
    • Skeletal Raider
    • Skeletal Marauder
    • Armaddon
    • Armored Destroyer
    • Subjugator
    • Dust Imp

User Interface

  • Switching from a weapon to a shield in your off-hand will no longer cause your Damage stat to display less damage than your character actually deals in combat

General Bug Fixes

  • Act I
    • Act I - Realm of Chaos: The cut-scene no longer hangs on a black screen when you begin the Realm of Chaos encounter
    • Act I - Defiled Crypt: Loot can no longer fall inside the chest upon completion of the "Matriarch's Bones" event
    • Act I - The Festering Woods: It is no longer possible for loot to fall inside the broken pillar bases.
  • Act III
    • Act III - Stonefort: It is no longer possible for the first soldier during the event "Protect and Serve: Protect the soldiers raising the catapult" to be killed by monsters before reaching the winch
    • Act III - Rakkis Crossing: Captain Haile can no longer be killed during "Blaze of Glory: Talk to Captain Haile"
  • Act IV
    • Act IV - The Pinnacle of Heaven: Tyrael is now present in the cutscene during "Prime Evil: Climb to the Pinnacle of Heaven in the Silver Spire

Blizzard Posts for Tuesday, October 09, 2012 - Game Guide Inaccuracies

Posted by DHAdmin on October 9th, 2012 at 6:04 pm

Today we saw Blizzard discussing the issue that Legendary Items do not properly roll the item affixes that the online Game Guide states they should have. The assumption here is that a lot of the current legendaries in the game were bugged. Vasadan had a few things to say on the topic and ended the day with a statement saying that the Game Guide is inaccurate and does not correctly display the correct stats an item can have.

Blizzard Quote [source]

Hello all,

I just wanted to post this as there has been a lot of confusion regarding Legendary items.

The Game Guide currently has some mistakes and misleading information in it. I will be working with a team on fixing these mistakes.

Thank you for your patience with this.

One item that got a lot of attention is the helmet Mempo of Twilight that on the official Game Guide states that the item is suppose to have One of 3 Magic Properties.

  • +170-200 Intelligence
  • +170-200 Dexterity
  • +170-200 Strength

A quick scan of the auction house will clearly show you that the helmet does not always have one of those stats. Vasadan confirmed that the helmet is suppose to always have one of those stats and that it is fixed in 1.0.5.

Blizzard Quote [source]
Yes. It will always have either Str, Dex or Int.
Blizzard Quote [source]

Hey guys, I did some more testing in the PTR build. I spawned in 30 Mempos. All 30 had above 170 of a Primary Stat. Three of them had well over 200 of a Primary Stat.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

As of right now this is working as intended in 1.0.5. I do not know what to say about the 1.0.4 Mempos other than that all new Mempos dropped in 1.0.5 should be in line with the stats I am showing you above. 1.0.4 Mempos rolled correctly when we tested them for 1.0.4 and these 1.0.5 Mempos are rolling as expected. There was no bug logged between these times nor a documented game change.

I am going to put in a bug to see what the developers say regarding Mempos of Twilight not being able to roll 200 of a Primary Stat as a single affix. We'll see what they say.

I truly appreciate your patience with this. It is hard to have a conversation with people over a forum.

What will be the end result of this? Will other Legendaries be "fixed" too? Or is at as Vasadan said that the Game Guide is wrong and Mempo of Twilight is the exception. Remember, not only will level 58-62 legendary items be better in 1.0.5 due to being able to roll level 63 stats on their "Random Magic Properties", but with this new information even current level 63 Legendaries could change next patch.

Oh since we are on the topic of Legendary items changing in 1.0.5, I should also add the fact that the Nagelring and Unity legendary rings will be able to drop finally as they do not exist in 1.0.4.

1.0.5 PTR Changes - 10/04/2012

Posted by DHAdmin on October 4th, 2012 at 12:53 pm

Blizzard just posted updated patch notes for 1.0.5. The patch is estimated to be available for download between 2:00PM and 5:00PM PDT.

Blizzard Quote [source]

Followers, pets, and summoned creatures will no longer attack enemies that are in an idle state unless the player is within 10 yards of the enemy (note: Hydra heads and Sentry turrets are not affected by this change)

Auction House

An option to display Auction House events (sales, expirations, etc) has been added to the Social menu

Demon Hunter
  • Active Skills
    • Sentry
    • Cost changed from 10 Discipline to 30 Hatred
    • Increased from weapon damage from 55% to 175%
    • Players can now have two turrets active at once, but an 8-second cooldown has been added to compensate
    • Sentry can no longer critically hit
      • Skill Rune – Spitfire Turret
      • Weapon damage increased from 8% to 30%
Witch Doctor
  • Active Skills
    • Firebats
    • Reduced Mana cost by 20% (from 122 to 98 per period at level 60)
    • Haunt
    • Weapon damage increased from 575% over 12 seconds to 575% over 6 seconds
    • Skill Rune - Resentful Spirit
      • Weapon damage increased from 287% to 383% over 2 seconds
    • Active Skills
      • Archon: Slow Time
        • Slow increased from 30% to 60%
        • Blizzard
        • Arcane Power cost reduced from 45 to 40 (Snowbound cost will remain the same at 20 Arcane Power)
        • Disintegrate
        • Arcane Power cost reduced from 20 to 18 per period
        • Weapon damage increased from 155% to 170%
        • Skill Rune - Chaos Nexus
          • Weapon damage increased from 40% to 44%
        • Skill Rune - Entropy
          • Weapon damage increased from 178% to 196%
        • Skill Rune - Intesify
            Weapon damage increased from 202% to 221%
  • Affixes on items will now roll their level based on the level of the monster killed (rather than the item's level) This now applies to random affixes on Legendary items
  • "Extra Health From Globes" now benefits potions.
  • Treasure Goblins will now play a sound whenever they become aware of a player
User Interface
  • You can now change the icon for each tab in the shared stash
  • The intent of this feature is to allow players the option to visually customize their stash tabs to better reflect its contents
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