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Voodoo Masks - Legendary Item List - Reaper of Souls

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Here are all the Legendary and Set Voodoo Masks. They are organized into four seperate categories for you to choose from.

Item Details


The 5 Fetishes closest to you will shoot a powerful Poison Dart every time you do.

Voodoo Mask

Mask of Jeram

Pets deal 75% more damage.

Voodoo Mask


Locust Swarm and Haunt now deal their damage in half of the normal duration.

Voodoo Mask

The Grin Reaper

Chance to summon horrific Mimics when attacking.

Voodoo Mask

Tiklandian Visage

Horrify causes you to Fear and Root enemies around you for 6–8 seconds.

Voodoo Mask

Visage of Giyua

Summon a Fetish Army after you kill 2 elites.

Voodoo Mask

Item Details

Zunimassa's Vision

(2) Set:

  • Your Fetish Army lasts until they die and the cooldown of your Fetish Army is reduced by 80%.

(4) Set:

  • You and your pets take 2% reduced damage for every Fetish you have alive

(6) Set:

  • Enemies hit by your Mana spenders take 275% more damage from your pets for 4 seconds

Witch Doctor Set Piece

Item Details

Split Tusk

No unique legendary effect.

Voodoo Mask

Item Details

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