Kanai's Cube


Found in the Elder Sanctum of The Ruins of Sescheron in Act Three. This cube allows players to gain an additional three legendary powers. The item can also be used to convert, breakdown and transmute Legendary Items, Crafting Materials and Gems.

Where is it found?

The Cube can only be found in Adventure mode. There is no long quest or list of requirements to find it. Simply talk to Zoltun Kulle in Act town and then travel to the The Ruins of Sescheron in Act 3 and find the Elder Sanctum, somewhere on that map you will find the cube. Once found you can easily access the cube in any of the major Act towns at anytime.

How do I get the materials to use the Cube?

Each recipe requires a certain amount of unique materials that can only be found from Horadric Caches or the Act 2 vendor Squirt the Peddler.

  • Khanduran Rune - Act 1 Horadric Cache
  • Caldeum Nightshade - Act 2 Horadric Cache
  • Arreat War Tapestry - Act 3 Horadric Cache
  • Corrupted Angel Flesh - Act 4 Horadric Cache
  • Westmarch Holy Water - Act 5 Horadric Cache
  • Essence of Amethyst - Sold by Squirt the Peddler in Act 2
  • Essence of Diamond - Sold by Squirt the Peddler in Act 2
  • Essence of Emerald - Sold by Squirt the Peddler in Act 2
  • Essence of Ruby- Sold by Squirt the Peddler in Act 2
  • Essence of Topaz- Sold by Squirt the Peddler in Act 2

Kanai Cube Recipes

Archive of Tal Rasha - Extract Legendary Power

This recipe permanently destroys the legendary item and adds its orange text legendary power to the cube. If the legendary item has a range for it's unique effect, the highest possible value is the one chosen. The effect is stored in your cube and can be assigned to your character at any time by visiting the cube again. You can have a total of 3 additional legendary effects. One weapon, one armor and one jewelry effect.

  • 1x Legendary Item
  • 1x Khanduran Rune
  • 1x Caldeum Nightshade
  • 1x Arreat War Tapestry
  • 1x Corrupted Angel Flesh
  • 1x Westmarch Holy Water
  • 5x Death's Breath

Law of Kulle - Reforge Legendary

Completely rerolls any legendary as if it had just dropped. Resets all stats for the items and gives new ones.

  • 1x Legendary Item
  • 5x Khanduran Rune
  • 5x Caldeum Nightshade
  • 5x Arreat War Tapestry
  • 5x Corrupted Angel Flesh
  • 5x Westmarch Holy Water
  • 50x Forgotten Soul

Hope of Cain - Upgrade Rare Item

Turns a level 70 item into a random legendary of the same type. For example a One-Handed Sword has a chance of becoming Thunderfury Blessed Blade of the Windseeker.

  • 1x Rare Level 70 Item
  • 25x Death's Breath
  • 50x Reusable Parts
  • 50x Arcane Dust
  • 50x Veiled Crystal

Skill of Nilfur - Convert Set Item

Changes a set item into random part of the same set. The resulting item cannot be Ancient.

  • 1x Set Item
  • 10x Death's Breath
  • 10x Forgotten Soul

Work of Cathan - Remove Level Requirement

Removes an items level requirement and allows it be worn at any level.

Darkness of Radament - Convert Gems

Converts 9 gems into any other type of gem. All gems must be the same type and quality.

  • 9x Gem
  • 1x Essence of the Gem type you want.

Anger of Iben Fahd - Convert Crafting Materials

Converts 100 of any crafting material (White, Blue, Yellow) into type of crafting material you want. Death's Breath and Forgotten Souls cannot be created with this recipe.

  • 100x Crafting Material of the same type.
  • 1x Item of the quality of crafting material you want. (White, Blue, Yellow)
  • 1x Death's Breath

Cow Portal

Opens a portal to the "Not the Cow Level" special zone.

Goblin Vault Portal

Opens a portal to the Goblin Vault.

Flavour Text

An ancient and unspeakably powerful Horadric artifact was entrusted to the barbarians of Sescheron before their fall. If rumors are to be believed, a dark mage seeks it even now.

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