What's your favorite class in hardcore?

Posted by Member raseru on 8/1/12 05:04 PM #1
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I like the DH in softcore but I got to say it's a whole new story in hardcore.
I'd have to go with monk as I can take a lot of damage and have a safe passive if I "die".
Posted by Member Jordan892008 on 8/1/12 05:16 PM #2
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I definitely prefer the Barbarian. Once tank mode is set, survivability goes up greatly.
Posted by Member mdk2all on 8/1/12 05:28 PM #3
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Wizard all the way. It's a good adrenaline kick to have to teleport out of crazy situations.
Posted by Admin DHAdmin on 8/1/12 05:33 PM #4
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Monk mostly because near death experience is beyond useful if I mess up.
Posted by Member GlorytheWiz on 8/1/12 06:55 PM #5
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I've only tried Barbarian and Witch Doctor. Got both to level 60 before I got killed. :(

I definitely prefer my Witch Doctor as it's more fun and dynamic to play. And Witch Doctors have Spirited Vessel, which acts like Near Death Experience for Monks.

Will try to roll a Wizard next. :)
Posted by Member StompySteve on 8/1/12 08:12 PM #6
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I just got to lvl 56 and before I could change my build to near death experience. Stuck in waller and arcane at my feet. I have a 33 WD and 31 wiz on deck though.
Posted by Member qungfu on 8/1/12 08:29 PM #7
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I'd probably pick a WD for this one. Tanky summons as well as the safety of range makes me feel safe :)
Posted by Member Carebear on 8/1/12 09:41 PM #8
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WD are the class hardcore was made for. You can't beat the perk to escape death
Posted by Member jaesian on 8/1/12 10:57 PM #9
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I just rolled a wizard. I main'd as WD on sc...I can't even imagine trying that in HC lol. My wiz is my first HC char, so I've been taking the game really slowly (level 27 in act 2 normal slowly). Gotta say though, just got hydra, and am loving the way the class feels so far.
Posted by Member wowbash7 on 8/2/12 12:03 AM #10
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my favorite class in hardcore is wizard.
Posted by Member slowpuncher on 8/2/12 07:24 AM #11
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If you wanna have a chance in inferno, you'd probably have to choose a character with a little survivablility, so imo the monk is your best choice.
Posted by Member RockyRaccoon on 8/2/12 07:43 AM #12
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Just lost a wizard at lvl 12 :( To those flowers from the Ents in Act I.

Just rolled a DH and we'll see how it goes.
Posted by Member demarkera on 8/2/12 09:39 AM #13
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Barbarian, as always..
I lost a 37 barbarian, a 31 monk and another 26 barbarina...
but ill lvl another Barb...
The feelling of crushing enemies on melee with big weapons is fantastic
Posted by Member tar0s on 8/2/12 12:45 PM #14
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I only have a barb but that's just to get my bank established. I'll eventually roll a WD just because I enjoy playing the least-played.
Posted by Member JackF58 on 8/2/12 01:12 PM #15
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Monk be my vote.
Posted by Member Methrin on 8/2/12 07:57 PM #16
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I got every class to 60 in softcore, and all of them to at least 40 in softcore and my favorite is by far Witch Doctor.

It was the last class I leveled in softcore and the one I hated the most at the time but hardcore made me rediscover it and I'm loving it.
Posted by Member Sparhawk1022 on 8/3/12 05:57 AM #17
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I'm trying to make one of each class for hardcore, but if I had to rank the classes, in terms of long term survivability, and headache factor... I'd probably go with something like this:

1) Barbarian
2) Witch Doctor
3) Wizard
4) Monk
5) Demon Hunter
Posted by Member deadknyaz on 8/3/12 09:22 AM #18
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As 1 hero WD work well for me. Got 60->farm hell-> and go go go Barbarian!!!
Posted by Member Buzzell on 8/4/12 10:21 AM #19
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barbs all the way.
Posted by Member veuxdeath on 8/6/12 06:24 PM #20
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I'd have to go with Barb. Perfect tank build all the way. Equipment, made correctly=GG. Hardcore is a struggle even with a staight tanking build. However, if done correctly I've found you can easily mow through tons of mobs as a barb in a fairly quick pace. Without seeing your health ever drop below half.
Posted by Member yphanh2002 on 8/8/12 04:41 PM #21
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I would go to barb for tank and survival
Posted by Member Wetyy on 8/13/12 04:10 AM #22
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5)WD (probaly a lot better when they finally rework pets to tank a bit better)
Posted by Member c0m3d14n on 8/15/12 05:41 PM #23
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I like that the witch doctor has Spirit Vessel. Barbs have great survivability with a stable internet connection of course. I haven't tried a monk yet. I need to play a dh or a wiz a little bit more in normal to get the hang of them... (i mostly played barb and wd)

I dunno I never had a problem surviving as a WD. Hopefully the patch gives us something to make it easier for us.
Posted by Member huskies13 on 8/15/12 06:28 PM #24
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barbarian would probably be the natural response to this. maybe monk as well, but since they take less damage that should appeal to anybody in hardcore
Posted by Member gavinstorm2 on 8/15/12 10:32 PM #25
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WD is my favorite most fun to play imo

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