Superbowl Sunday

Posted by Member baccarat0809 on 2/3/13 10:09 AM #1
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For those of you celebrating with your team or in Vegas (like moi) - have a safe day.

Me - I'm off to the Foundation room at the top of the Mandalay Bay and party like a rock star.

My money's backing the ravens on the money line - so I'll take them at +160 and I'm going to start putting in the prop bets - i'll probably have around 50 of those - the crazier the better. My favorite prop bet is how many times Ray Lewis will thank god if the ravens win- which is over/under 3. My bet is over 3.

I'm out - wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.
Posted by Member Baldy on 2/3/13 12:19 PM #2
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I bet he says Jesus' name in one sentence, three times. At least twice, if they win that is.

To be clear...thats 6 jesus's in 2 sentences.
Posted by Member ZRyoku16 on 2/3/13 06:03 PM #3
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Wow, 109 yd return for the Ravens to open up the second half. Nothing like beating down your opponents and then making a new record at the beginning of the second half just to demoralize them. XD
Posted by Member Baldy on 2/3/13 10:00 PM #4
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They officially made that a 108 yard return - only tying the previous record.
Posted by Member ninjax on 2/4/13 01:52 AM #5
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Posted by Baldy at 02/03/2013 12:19 PM

I bet he says Jesus' name in one sentence, three times. At least twice, if they win that is.

To be clear...thats 6 jesus's in 2 sentences.

Posted by Member baccarat0809 on 2/4/13 10:47 AM #6
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Well, I hit the Ravens nicely - very nicely - hit the 1st quarter square, and holy crap, hit the final with that BS safety - ha - the guy with 9 just about lost it.

Now the props - that's another story. They were not nice to me at all. Got my rear-end handed to me.

Food was great - but the best part is the view down the strip - just amazing.
Posted by Member shniggies on 2/4/13 01:54 PM #7
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dam nice!
did you eat at strip steak or burger bar? yummmm
Posted by Member Khan on 2/4/13 05:37 PM #8
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@baccarat0809 Great view!
Posted by Member baccarat0809 on 2/4/13 06:49 PM #9
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Saturday night we got in 8 hours late because of the damn snow in Buffalo - so I missed dinner then - was supposed to do the Rio Seafood Buffet - which is just a great place to pig out as they have lobster or king crab on the menu - so i ended up having a rueben - ha.

Sunday night dinner - too full from the superbowl spread as we just at the Foundation room food. For those that don't know Foundation Room is owned by The House of Blues - it's their private club. I ended up having around 30 Kobe Beef sliders. They were so tender.

Dinner tonight is at Picasso restaurtant at the Bellagio. It's Julian Serrano's restaurant. Food type is high end French Cuisine, or as my business partner calls it "Fou-Fou" food. Tiny portions but some amazing food. They have these poached oysters to start the meal that are just about the best thing I've ever eaten - and believe me, when you travel 200+ days a year you get a chance to eat out at a lot of good restaurants.

Tomorrow night and Wednesday night will be at Hugo's Cellar, which is located in the basement of the Four Queens hotel in the downtown, glitter gulch section of Vegas. This is Old Vegas Steakhouse at its finest. It also helps that I've been going to this restaurant for over 20 years now and everybody from the hostess, to the waiters, bellboys and wine steward all know me. I get hugs from about 1/2 of the staff (and I'm not a big hugging person). While I've had "higher quality" food at a few restaurants (see the above link to Picasso or google Victoria and Albert's at the Grand Floridian, Walt Disney World, Orlando if you really want to have a great meal), I've never, ever had a better dinner than at Hugo's. I can't tell you how many clients I've landed and sealed the deal with a dinner at Hugo's. The place is my favorite place in the world to eat. Everything then ends with a sinful combination of Banana's Foster (and they do a better job of it than Brennan's down in New Orleans - and Brennan's invented Banana's Foster) and warmed up glass of Grand Marnier 150. You just can't beat it. Roll out with a nice buzz then toss the dice for a few hours, and have a chance, small mind you, but a chance, to rule the world and keep throwing those dice without crapping out for 45 minutes .... or longer.
Posted by Member shniggies on 2/4/13 09:12 PM #10
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wow hugo's cellar sounds awesome... i'll have to drop your name and hopefully get the same kind of treatment :) because of your profile pic, i just image ric flair rolling into that joint and causing some havoc (Whooooooo!)

fyi don't let me shoot... i'm a terrible shooter. I think the longest i've gone was a whole whopping 3 mins :O (commence dirty looks)
Posted by Member mentok1982 on 2/6/13 09:09 AM #11
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I live in Baltimore and I had a bunch of pals over to watch the game. We had a really great time watching our team win.

During the game we noticed the Saints logo and we talked about how it was a fleur de lis. Then I mentioned how the fleur de lis was a thing in one of the National Treasure movies. Then some of us are like, let's watch National Treasure after the game!

So three people stayed late and watched National Treasure with me.

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