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Posted by Member ninjax on 4/15/13 09:05 AM #1
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Just wanted to jump in and say thanks for the discussion (and the compiled feedback in the OP). :)

The role of a shield is that, if you feel like you're taking too much damage, you can put it on and take noticeably less damage, and shields right now are fulfilling that role well. Also, while we know that shields aren't as sexy since we toned down the difficulty of the game, they do still provide a lot of value to Hardcore characters and are useful to players who prefer a more defensive play style. Even so, we're interested in ways to make defensive stats in general more appealing (and shields as a part of that), without returning to the early launch days when everybody was pigeonholed into highly defensive builds.

Along those lines, we're always looking for good critiques and suggestions for the game, and there's a lot of great feedback in here, so I'll be sure to pass this along!

I'm kind of sad about this response, it seems like they are happy with how shields fits into the game (i.e. Not at all?) and it's one of those "yeah.. we'll pass that on *cough*" answers.

While I'm sure a few people use shields in HC I doubt it's many at all. There are some really good suggestions in the original thread (and a few the same I've heard around here too) like having shields rolls affixes that can only roll on a shield will make them more attractive or skills/passives that give extra bonus if you've got a shield equipped.

Maybe the problem is the game itself.. MORE DAMAGE = WIN
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I think shields could get a huge buff, but still make the player choose between damage and damage reduction. Make ilvl 61-63 shields have a static 20-30% chance to block with the 9% chance to block modifier still available. Consider doubling the block damage to 6-8k on block, but drop level reduction so people are only using them on clvl 60 characters. Let them roll up to 3 sockets, LoH/LS, 15% IAS and CC. Now you're straight up trading damage reduction for CD.

Then you get a Legendary shield that drops like this:
ecocd's Shield
28-39% chance to block 6000-8000 damage
+175-200 Dex, Int or Str
+10-15% IAS
+8-10% CC
3 sockets
+1 Magic Property

Now you get to choose to spend those sockets on either main stat or Vit. The 1 magic property makes or breaks it as a seller for having LOH, LS, or AR. Sure, there still wouldn't be a whole lot of people using it SC, but there could certainly be a debate in HC since you're no longer giving up all of your offense.

Make ecocd's shield a legendary recipe and now you have something very interesting on your hands. It still takes a real investment to get perfect rolls, but you also guarantee a constant supply flowing into the AH which means cheap ones are there the unwashed masses and perfect ones are there for the high-end players.

There's no reason ilvl 61-63 shields have to be as bad as they are right now. My guess is that it's simply not a priority for them. Each Patch has a theme and fixing shields has not been one of them. Fixing shields makes a lot more sense in an itemization patch (i.e., Patch 1.0.9) or expansion when they will likely create ilvl 64-66 items*.

* Through datamining, we know the crafted recipes use level 64 affixes as their static stat affix so the ability is there.
Posted by Member Bort on 4/15/13 11:05 PM #3
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I like using shields while levelling HC chars. Specially in the 50 to 60 level stretch.

But... if they want shields to do something good, they can change the shield socket to behave the same as the helm socket.

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