Hardcore Leveling Competition - Sunday at Noon EST

Posted by Member nuhertz on 7/18/13 07:56 AM #1
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Sunday at noon we will begin our Hardcore leveling competition.

Anyone is welcome, please stream if possible, but you're welcome to participate if you don't.

1. Create a fresh character to level.
2. Solo play only, no powerleveling.
3. You cannot use any items except for items that you find in game. You can purchase gear from vendors as your gold allows, but you must end up with at least as much gold as you started with. (I.E. - You can go into debt. You start with 1m gold, buy a 2000 gold item to put you under 1m, and then find 2000 more gold. Then your balance is above 1m at the end.)
4. Must use character name provided in chat at beginning of the contest.
5. No class restrictions, no MP level restrictions, do what you believe will allow you to level the fastest.

First to announce in stream chat they have hit 30 wins. Confirmation pending of course.

Please post your battletag and stream link (if streaming) below to participate. I will be streaming regardless, to set a benchmark for leveling to 30 self found.

Prize is 30m hardcore gold for the winner. (I only have US HC gold to give to the winner. EU or US can participate, I do have some EU SC gold if we have an EU winner.) If we do a stream only contest in the future, the prize will be bigger. This is mostly about bragging rights. :)

Good luck, and see you all Sunday!
Posted by Member nuhertz on 7/18/13 07:58 AM #2
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I will be using Pauper#1231 to level.


I will be rolling a WD.
Posted by Member Bort on 7/18/13 11:17 AM #3
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So... do you have to play solo? Or is co-op allowed. And if it is allowed I'm guessing you can't have a 60 run with you.

Asking more to help clarify rules than anything else.
Posted by Member nuhertz on 7/18/13 11:45 AM #4
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This is a solo competition. I'm interested in a co-op competition though!

With the extra XP you get in a group it just doesn't seem fair to allow group play. That, and in hardcore I'd expect the highly competitive to try to kill their "teammates" near the end to win the competition. That actually sounds EXTREMELY entertaining......
Posted by Member iMalevolence on 7/18/13 12:06 PM #5
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I may or may not partake. I'm working late Saturday and may not be up in time. However, if I do:


(if I do stream, not a guarantee)

Not sure of character class.


How long does this last? If two people tie, are we going off total exp? First to 30?
Posted by Member nuhertz on 7/18/13 12:15 PM #6
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It'll take however long it takes someone to hit level 30. I can't imagine a tie scenario, far too many variables. Should be close though.

I'd imagine 3-4 hours maybe?
Posted by Member douvinsky on 7/18/13 04:01 PM #7
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It is good to have a competition, it promotes game play! I has this Hardcore Ultimate Purist (no merchant) write up that I have not attempted before, because there are so many more other things to do. If there is some form of competition, more players would be drawn in.

I can't stream. I don't even know how does it work. I usually play with only a left earphone so that I keep the noise to a minimum while still be attentive to needs from babies at home. For people who can't stream I guess it is up to trust of not secretly using shared stash.

I would be interested to see some coop purist though. Maybe something like this:

Group of two
Self (character) loot only
Every group records the class, stats and game played hours at each boss first attempt and MP level
No competition, no deadline, no time pressure. Can play in session as short as a few minutes. Every group just record their stats in a same post.
Anyone can run multiple groups using Different character eg me + nuhertz, me + yoyo,....

If you are interested we can start off something like this next!
Posted by Member razer22 on 7/18/13 07:04 PM #8
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This sounds fun but I'm not sure if I can play at that time.
Posted by Member iconiy on 7/19/13 11:37 PM #9
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I will be participating!


See you on sunday!
Posted by Member nuhertz on 7/20/13 06:08 AM #10
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Great! See you then! I've done a few practice runs, and died a few times...... Might be an easy win for you.
Posted by Member mxmchp on 7/21/13 07:04 AM #11
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Ill try to get on if I can.
Posted by Member nuhertz on 7/21/13 09:09 AM #12
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Starting now twitch.tv/thelayman
Posted by Member nuhertz on 7/22/13 06:55 AM #13
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TomServo - Wizard: First death at level 3, recreated in normal, recreated in HC and got to level 20.
Yoona - DH: Dead at Level 9
KingMurd - DH: Left at Level 9
Me - WD: Dead at level 27 to Hammersmash.
@Anuiran - Monk: Eating breakfast. (Thought start time was PST not EST.)

Winner? Tomservo at 20.

Easily one of the saddest contests yet. Need more people to compensate for the deaths!

Highlight reel of my death at twitch.tv/thelayman (NSFW)

A fair amount of swearing and silence. 5 minutes of fun.

If anyone is bored enough to watch the VOD, I say multiple times that living is going to be the challenge of this competition. I felt like my timing was on pace as planned, and if I had stepped back a step or two I would have been fine and hit level 30 without issue.

I believe I would have hit 30 at around the 3:30 mark. I have plenty of characters I need to level up, so I will be attempting again.
Posted by Member razer22 on 7/22/13 01:50 PM #14
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OH wow, 1hko. What mp were you on? If there's another competition I would prefer something shorter, having to play >3 hrs is kinda tiring.
Posted by Member zerokewl on 7/22/13 02:59 PM #15
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Posted by razer22 at 07/22/2013 01:50 PM

OH wow, 1hko. What mp were you on? If there's another competition I would prefer something shorter, having to play >3 hrs is kinda tiring.

Agree on that.
Posted by Member nuhertz on 7/22/13 03:27 PM #16
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I am extremely open to suggestion on competition. What would be challenging and 1-2 hours? I'm open to attempting this week. Wednesday or Friday evening works for me.
Posted by Member douvinsky on 7/22/13 07:06 PM #17
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An MP10 self found, no merchant, rush to skeleton king?
I don't twitch and you gotta trust me on that.

It means I have to delete one of my two SC toons, or 8 HC toons, to enter though :P
Posted by Member nuhertz on 7/22/13 08:55 PM #18
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Wanna try it tomorrow evening? Around 6 or 7pm? I'm in.

@Razer22 I was on MP0. So sad. Self found you're a lot more squishy than I remembered.
Posted by Member razer22 on 7/22/13 09:42 PM #19
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I'll be down for tm.

I know u'll be squishy but 1HKO damn...I'm gonna pay extra attention with my wiz when I get to act4
Posted by Admin DHAdmin on 7/22/13 09:44 PM #20
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MP10 rush sounds fun
Posted by Member douvinsky on 7/22/13 10:25 PM #21
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My play time is a bit weird to most ie PDT 6 - 9 am. So either we have to do at separate timing, or if you are able to hit me during my time we can coop and let you stream :)

If most of us have nothing else to do we may even have a rush at each class eg only WD for first rush, wizard for second week etc that puts everyone on the same ground in terms of class, and your class knowledge might help you win in a particular class!
Posted by Member razer22 on 7/23/13 03:10 PM #22
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R we running tonight?
Posted by Member nuhertz on 7/23/13 04:17 PM #23
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I will be running in 40ish minutes or so.


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