Locked: What have you found? Patch 2.0 edition.

Posted by Admin DHAdmin on 2/24/14 08:34 PM #1
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The pre-expansion patch goes live tomorrow and with that comes loot 2.0. Which means it's time for another "What have you found?" thread. I also want to note that DiabloHub is trying to make the most indepth item database available, so if you find any interesting items, please share details on how they work!

These are the items I want to find the most right now:

Halcyon's Ascent
Defender of Westmarch (So I can pretend to be part of House Stark)

Who knows what I will actually find though. Anyway! I hope you guys join the DiabloHub clan or community :)
Posted by Member mentok1982 on 2/25/14 08:12 AM #2
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Damn! I should have finished leveling my Wizard to Paragon 100 last night! He was like two sections away from being level 100 and I wanted to get him there before the Paragon system was changed. I didn't think that the Patch would be happening today, even though Anuiran told me it would.

So I guess when I get home tonight ElviraSorrow will be Paragon 120 something...
Posted by Member mentok1982 on 2/26/14 09:10 AM #3
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I did some epic crafting last night!
I replaced my old crafted shoulders on my first try!

Victory Ichor (Old)
353 Armor
+281 Strength
+83 Vitality
+71 Resist All
+12% Life
+26 Cold Resist
228 Thorns

Coursing Mail (New)
384 Armor
+301 Strength
+200 Vitality
+75 Resist All
+134 Life per Second (I am going to max this out via the Mystic)
+20% Gold Find
+2 pickup raidus

I also replaced my Vile Ward on my Wizard with the shoulders you can see on my profile.
I sold my Vile Ward for over 80m this morning in just a few minutes.

I also replaced the bracers on my Wizard. My new ones don't have all resist, but my toughness does not suffer because of all the extra vitality.
Posted by Admin DHAdmin on 2/26/14 12:44 PM #4
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Here is all the best items I have found so far. The best part is they are all items I wanted to test for the item database.







Posted by Member mentok1982 on 2/27/14 08:01 AM #5
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Yesterday I found a 1,200 DPS Azurewrath that I will do testing on later.
I also found a low level Leoric's Crown on my monk, but it has no special property.
I also found an Adventurer's Journal which is used to make Pender's Purchase gloves.

I also found some rare gloves that are not as good as my legacy gloves, but they are good enough that I am selling them for 30m on the GAH.

They have like:
300 Intel
329 Vitality
5% Attack Speed
8% Crit Chance

I am starting to see why people are disliking the 4 primary stat limitation.
On my gloves I want Intel, Vitality, All Resist, 9% Crit Chance, 35% Crit Damage and Life Regen.
That is 6 primary stats so I will never find gloves like that. :(

I wish they would make life regen a secondary stat. I want it on every piece of my gear.
Posted by Admin DHAdmin on 2/27/14 01:04 PM #6
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They really want players to balance defense and offense at level 70. It's almost impossible to get every stat you want on a item now a days.
Posted by Member tsukiyomi on 2/27/14 05:22 PM #7
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Had this drop for me off a normal chest, a perfect replacement for the one I had on my characters previously.
Posted by Member berzerkerxx on 2/28/14 09:38 AM #8
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Playing through the story and this is what I got from the Skeleton King.

Posted by Member mentok1982 on 2/28/14 10:17 AM #9
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I found this!


I really like it but soon I will probably find higher damage fist weapons that I can dual wield to do more damage.
You can read the facts about the special effect (and my feelings about it) here.
Posted by Member NightCrawler9 on 3/1/14 11:13 PM #10
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Found that a little bit ago. I love this thing. I have no idea if the rolls on it are good or not, but don't really care. It's so much fun to blast through things with Frost Arrow. Plus it looks freaking awesome too.
Posted by Member h311o on 3/3/14 03:31 AM #11
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Posted by mentok1982 at 02/28/2014 10:17 AM

I found this!


I really like it but soon I will probably find higher damage fist weapons that I can dual wield to do more damage.
You can read the facts about the special effect (and my feelings about it) here.

Would be interested if this is a one- or twohanded sword (look at the ss - lol some mistakes in blizz database)

As for the roll you mention on database topic you might have got the low level roll and not the high level one.
Posted by Member tsukiyomi on 3/3/14 10:37 AM #12
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I wonder how high that percentage can roll. Depending on how high you can get your base life total that could be pretty powerful without putting you in too much danger.

Is the required level on this intentional or a glitch?


That seems pretty insane for an item a level 8 character can equip.
Posted by Admin DHAdmin on 3/3/14 12:53 PM #13
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@tsukiyomi, Shi Mizu's Haori can roll up to 25%.

Oh and the battle.net tooltips show the minimum level the item can drop, not the level your item is.
Posted by Member mentok1982 on 3/4/14 03:00 PM #14
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I found many legendaries yesterday because I was not at work due to all the snow.
You can see 5 of them on my Miroku monk that I leveled to 60 yesterday.

I got the following:
Magefist (18% more Fire Damage!!)
Fulminator (Too bad I am not using any lightning skills...yet)
Azurewrath (My second Azurewrath I've found)
Bul-Kathos' Wedding Band (The life on hit and crowd control is nice)
The Flavor of Time (Found two of these, this one is better. I like the movement speed, crowd control reduction and cooldown reduction.)
Posted by Member zerokewl on 3/7/14 06:30 PM #15
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Check out the level 31 ammy I found and use on my level 60 monk!

D3 profile Monk
Posted by Member Bort on 3/8/14 01:55 PM #16
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Posted by zerokewl at 03/07/2014 06:30 PM

Check out the level 31 ammy I found and use on my level 60 monk!

D3 profile Monk

Damn... something is VERY wrong in that picture.
Lvl 30 stuff shouldn't have those stats.
Posted by Member zerokewl on 3/9/14 07:18 AM #17
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On my toon it's min 60, so I guess it can drop starting at lol 30
Posted by Member tsukiyomi on 3/10/14 10:04 AM #18
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This will definitely come in very handy leveling up my Wiz, an amazing item for a required level of 39. I didn't even realize "level requirement reduced by" could roll that high.
Posted by Member mentok1982 on 3/12/14 08:22 AM #19
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I found these last night. I also tested both of them for the database and you can read about my findings by using these links.
Goldwrap information.
Scourge information.

Scourge Two-Handed Sword
1,287 DPS
1,019-1,321 Damage
1.10 Attacks per Second
+822-1,029 Poison Damage [732-1,111]
+450 Strength [450-494]
+517 Vitality [495-787]
+4.5% Chance to Immobilize on Hit [1-5]%
24% Chance to explode with demonic fury when attacking.
Empty Socket

Goldwrap Belt
490 Armor
+201 Strength [200-219]
+307 Vitality [220-349]
+83 Resist All [81-85]
+280 Armor [274-298]
+27% Gold Find [26-28]
On gold pickup: Gain armor for 5 seconds equal to the amount picked up.
Posted by Member mentok1982 on 3/13/14 07:51 AM #20
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Last night I found the Hexing Pants of Mr. Yan, Heart Slaughter and three legendary plans!

The Plans were:
Captain Crimson's Finery (Level 31 Set plan)
Firebrand (Level 60 2H Axe)
Sage's Plight (Level 60 Set plan!)

Here are the stats for the Mr. Yan's pants:

Hexing Pants of Mr. Yan
568 Armor
+333 Strength [220-349]
+214 Vitality [200-219]
+248 Armor [176-270]
12% Weapon Throw buff [10-15]%
+81 Lightning Resistance [81-100]
Your resource generation and damage is increased by 25% while moving and decreased by 25% while standing still.

I managed to craft a socketed Firebrand that only brought my DPS down by 7,000 and I tested out the fireball on it. Basically, the Fireball does crappy damage.

I crafted all 3 pieces of the Sage's set, and while they all increase my damage and toughness (but not healing), I am not ready to break my Magic Find bonus on my Blackthorne's set or the Resist All and Melee Damage reduction on my IK set.
Posted by Member mentok1982 on 3/13/14 10:03 PM #21
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I found this last night.

I have some data on how much gold is raining down and how large the massacre was that caused the rain.
Later today (it is 1AM here) I will crunch those numbers and deliver the results to you all!
Posted by Member mentok1982 on 3/17/14 08:11 AM #22
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Over the weekend I found the following:
According to Blizzard's guide the Crit Damage rolls between 51 and 55%. Mine says 31-35% when I reveal the stat ranges.

Lidless Wall
798 Armor
+13% Block
2608-3727 Block Amount
Arcane Skills deal 16% more damage [15-20]%
+6% Attack Speed [5-6]%
+9% Crit Chance [6-10]%
Reduces all resource costs by 5% [5-7]%
+94 Arcane Resist [81-100]
+9 Max Arcane Power [7-9]
This item used to have a special legendary effect. It used to have a shield effect that made you immune to all damage and control impairing effects for 1 second. Blizzard has removed that and I have updated our database.

Cord of the Sherma Belt
473 Armor
+242 Intel [220-349]
+291 Vitality [220-349]
+265 Armor [176-270]
+1 Gold Pickup Radius [1-2]
Chance on hit to create a chaos field that Blinds and Slows enemies inside for 2 seconds.

Starfire Wand
1,232.2 DPS
773-967 Damage
1.4 APS
+691-835 Cold Damage [610-926]
+7% Damage [4-7]%
+399 Intel [330-524]
+312 Vitality [300-329]
+2,432 Life After Kill [1381-3123]
+11 Max Arcane Power [10-12]
This wand could be pretty great once I enchant a socket onto to it. Might get rid of the vitality I think.

Razor Strop Belt
204 Armor
+295 Intel [220-349]
+260 Vitality [220-349]
Regenerates 337 Life Per Second [145-347]
+14% Spectral Blade Damage [10-15]%
+2 Gold Pickup Radius [1-2]
Picking up a Health Globe releases an explosion that deals 329% weapon damage as Fire to enemies within 20 yards. [300-400]

Ageless Might Mighty Belt
271 Armor
+226 Strength [220-349]
+245 Vitality [220-349]
+84 All Resist [81-85]
+13% Weapon Throw Damage [10-15]%
4% Melee Damage Reduction [4]%
+728 Thorns [552-2030]

Warmonger 2 Handed Sword
1,443.6 DPS
1126-1398 Damage
1.14 APS
+865-1027 Damage [732-1111]
+6% Damage [4-7]%
+4% Attack Speed [4-5]%
+1135 Life per Hit [692-1561]
4.7% Chance to Chill on Hit [1-5]%
Level Requirement Reduced by 18 [2-18]
I think my Crusader might use this once he reaches level 42!
Posted by Member mentok1982 on 3/21/14 07:57 AM #23
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I found these last night:

Fragment of Destiny Wand
1,150.1 DPS
719-924 Damage
1.4 APS
+642-782 Arcane Damage [610-926]
+485 Intel [330-524]
+301 Vitality [300-329]
+17% Spectral Blade Damage [15-30]%
+13 Max Arcane Power [13-14]
+99 XP per Monster Kill [80-99]
I use Spectral Blades and Arcane skills but I don't know if trading the 301 Vitality for a socket is a good idea.

Harrington Waistguard Belt (I find sooo many belts)
201 Armor
+269 Intel [220-349]
+254 Vitality [220-349]
+7% Life [5-8]%
+15% Magic Missile Damage [10-15]%
+28% Gold Find [26-28]%
Opening a chest grants 113% increased damage for 10 seconds. [100-135]%
According to my calculations, I only received a 94% damage increase (271,330-526,832).

I also found plans for the level 60 1 hand Earthshatter mace and the level 41 1 hand Deadeye crossbow.

I made 6 of these and this was the best one.
1,241.5 DPS
888-1181 Damage
1.20 APS
699-858 Damage [610-926]
+6% Damage [4-7]%
1.1% Chance to Stun on Hit [1-3]%
2.6% Chance to Immobilize on Hit [1-3]%
26% chance to cause the ground to shudder when attacking. [20-35]%
One Empty Socket

I made one of these since I don't have a Demon Hunter that can use this yet.
211.2 DPS
96-168 Damage
1.60 APS
+85-104 Damage [79-121]
+205 Dexterity [203-239]
+5% Cooldown Reduction [5-8]%
+7% Damage to Undead [5-10]%
+8 Max Discipline [7-8]
One Empty Socket

I hope I don't continue finding low level plans. The only bright side to getting a low level crafting plan is knowing that you will never find that plan again. Blizzard has made it impossible for you to get a plan that you already own.
Posted by Member eastdragon42 on 3/21/14 06:52 PM #24
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Haven't been playing too much recently, but the five legendary items I have found have all been fairly crappy: one ring, one amulet, two bows (a single-socketed manticore & a windforce, both of which dropped my DPS significantly), and a chest armor....
Posted by Member mentok1982 on 3/24/14 07:56 AM #25
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I found a Storm Crow over the weekend.

Storm Crow
318 Armor
+20% damage bonus to Lightning Skills [15-20]%
+440 Intel [330-524]
+401 Life per Hit [307-694]
+4 Arcane Ppwer on Crit [3-4]
+14 Max Arcane Power [13-14]
22% Chance to cast a fiery ball when attacking. [20-40]%

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