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I have been plagiarized before. I ignored it because almost nobody watched the rip-off.
Now I uploaded a commentary and analysis video of a video game. I used ingame video footage I recorded myself.

There is a part where I wanted to show a specific ingame conversation so I did not talk over it. Someone has taken this part from my video to create their own video. Yes, I can 100% confirm this is my footage because of the camera, the characters and their order, the timing, the sound, the encoding. I am not the only one this person took clips from. Their video has over 100k views and counting.

I was not asked if I was okay with this. I was not given credit.
Neither I nor this other person owns the rights to the game. It belongs to the publisher.

Is there anything I can do to stop this person or the video?

What can I do to stop something like this from happening in the future?

Thank You!!!

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