Oxygen Web Author CSS is Overwriting Document CSS

Posted by Member JensenBreck on 11/28/17 04:06 AM #1
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I'm having an issue with the oxygen css overwriting my table styling.

I've created a custom css file that sets all tables to a width of 100%. The styling works fine in the desktop application. However, when I put the css on the server in our Oxygen Web Author environment, the table style is overwritten by the .oxy-document table style (located in document-v18.1.0.css).

I updated my css to include .oxy-document table and gave it the additional styling, however, that did not work.

It seems that your css is loading after mine and causing the issue. Is there a way to load the custom css last? If not, is there a known work-around? I would like to avoid modifying document-v18.1.0.css.

Thank You!!!

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