where did you find legendary/set plans ?

Posted by Member Venoom on 8/10/12 06:48 AM #1
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Hi all,

where did you find legendary/set plans?
which act and which difficulty mode?
are there any locations that have a better probability of drop?

I played 110h and still haven't found any.
only 3 crappy legendary items, 2 cheap (less than 1k gold) Blacksmith recipes in Inferno Act I (the yellow ones) and nothing else.
Posted by Member Khan on 8/10/12 07:12 AM #2
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I've only found Exalted Sovereign Mail plans in ACT1. I've found 3 of those on butcher runs. My other plans I've purchase via AH. No regrets for the purchases. The initial capital cost was worth it as I've turned a profit by selling items on AH or in game.
Posted by Member mAdRuSsIaN on 8/12/12 06:41 PM #3
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Same I've only ever found Exalted plans in Act 1, never found any of the Legendary plans unfortunately.
Posted by Member SaintSnuff on 8/12/12 06:44 PM #4
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I've found a handful of Exalted Sovereign Mails and Exalted Dread Shields - both worthless for crafting (only 4 props) - all in Act 1 Inferno
I know a few people who have found 6 prop plans in A2 and A3 however
But they're just like the other items being iLvl 63+, so they become increasingly rare as the plans get better
Posted by Admin DHAdmin on 8/12/12 06:53 PM #5
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I got 3 Legendary plans in act 3 & 4 and the rest I just bought for gold, I found many rare plans in all the acts though.
Posted by Member Silverate on 8/12/12 10:48 PM #6
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Havent found any legendary plan or set plan before, even legendaries are so elusive to me.
Though i know of a friend who gets legendaries rather frequently XD
Did find a few of those exalted grand plan in act 3/4 but most are worthless now anyway.
Posted by Member Venoom on 8/12/12 11:47 PM #7
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Posted by DHAdmin at 08/12/2012 06:53 PM

I got 3 Legendary plans in act 3 & 4 and the rest I just bought for gold, I found many rare plans in all the acts though.

a bit off topic, but how do you manage to afford them all? :)

Posted by Silverate at 08/12/2012 10:48 PM

Havent found any legendary plan or set plan before, even legendaries are so elusive to me.
Though i know of a friend who gets legendaries rather frequently XD
Did find a few of those exalted grand plan in act 3/4 but most are worthless now anyway.

I have found 4 (worthless) legendaries, and one nice Set (Blackthorne's pants) with nice stats.
over 110h of play.
but I have 275% MF with Nephalem Buff.

I found another Rare plan in Act I Inferno but it was crap, only 4 affixes.
Posted by Member EEYAR on 8/12/12 11:57 PM #8
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I remember reading once that someone found a Helm of Command plan in Act 1... so I'm going to assume that you can find Legendary/Set plans in all acts. For regular Rare plans, only Grand plans (with 6 affixes) drop in Act 3/4 and generally sell for the most gold.

Also, keep an eye out for the Jewelry designs because they sell for a lot as well. I got a Perfect Star Emerald design to drop from a Gob in Act 2 and those are currently selling for 3mil.
Posted by Member Venoom on 8/13/12 12:57 AM #9
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@EEYAR : there is no official answer but I found a thread on official forum and it seems that they can drop in any difficulty mode.
Only Rare plans drop only in Inferno.

I have yet to find a Jeweler design. Is the color of the design white?

@Khan and @Anuiran :
would you mind making a thread describing your experience with crafting?
I always wondered how you can make any money with the randomness of crafting when it takes 200k or more to craft one single item.
Posted by Member ertitoagus on 8/13/12 02:45 AM #10
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700h of gameplay here, 1 of every char to lvl 60

All the plans i've found were droped by normal mobs, IMHO it's very posible that this kind of drop is very MF dependant

But i have no data to prove or confirm that with maths.
Posted by Member Venoom on 8/13/12 03:40 AM #11
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so farming Act III Heart of Sin with high MF (or anything with tons of small fries like spiders) could help.
Posted by Member gnaungayan on 8/13/12 06:22 AM #12
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I got 6 prop Daibo plan dropped in Act 1 few weeks ago and a 6 prop Mighty belt on Act 3 last night. I also got 2 Legendary sets dropped on Act 1 and Act 3 but never found plans yet including jewelry design.

A little bit off topic what does jewelry design type of? a Magic or Rare?
Posted by Member Khan on 8/13/12 08:42 AM #13
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@venoom Sure, I wouldn't mind creating one. In reality, its simply me calculating cost to manufacture and then finding a buyer. Sometimes the rolls are bad so I recycle, eat the cost, and farm to make up for the loss. The majority of my sells have been in-game. I'll play a Hell mode game, examine the player profiles, and then offer up something publicly to see if someone wants it. I always price items 2 million or less as it more than meets the margins for production and I see no use in alienating future clients with higher prices.
Posted by Member Venoom on 8/13/12 08:50 AM #14
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@Khan : thanks
any advice if I ever have enough capital to buy one Plan/Recipe?
which one do you recommend?
Posted by Member Khan on 8/13/12 11:05 AM #15
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@venoom If I had to choose, it would with be Helm of Command (currently popular) or Hallowed Armaments (not popular but has a very high potential due amount of items that can be produced).
Posted by Member Khan on 8/13/12 11:10 AM #16
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I'd be interested in hearing other people's recommendations.
Posted by Member EEYAR on 8/13/12 11:35 AM #17
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Jewelry designs are blue items btw. I found a couple in Act 3 off regular mobs and have had some drop from Act 2 gobs as well. I read that the highest tier Gem design (can't remember the name of it--starts with Radiant) only drops in Act3/4 Inferno but I have seen the second highest tier design drop in Act 2.
Posted by Member ecocd on 8/13/12 11:51 AM #18
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Item drops seem to be similar to D2 which means MF is only useful for achieving a given number of affixes and not a type of item dropped. Plans likely work similarly to Runes in D2.

Maybe someone has already figured this out, but it seems there are two ways the item drops could be calculated. The first method would be determining the iLvl of the drop, available drop type at that iLvl (2-handed weapons don't drop from bats, for instance) and then the available magic level (unique, set, rare 6-affix, 5-affix, 4-affix, magic, white, gray). The other method would be determining the drop type, then the iLvl and then the magic level. I'm inclined to believe it's the former given how many iLvl 57 rare rings I see drop in Inferno compared to lvl 52-56 rare rings.

Either way, Magic Find only helps in the magic level checks. It rolls and checks unique, set, 6-affix rare, 5-affix rare, 4-affix rare, magic, white in that order. This is modified by NV and I believe the checks are rescaled for the guaranteed rares dropping, but still have no impact on which type of iLvl of the drop itself.

The iLvl of the drop and the drop type itself are not modified by player gear, but the quality of the Plan very well could be affected by MF. The iLvl 62+ Plans are all iLvl 63 drops in the game and hence are scaled by the Inferno Act. Amongst the iLvl 63 drops, Plans likely have an utterly miniscule chance of being selected as the drop type. Once a Plan is selected as the drop type, however, things get a little murky.

There are a few ways they could be chosen and I don't think there's been any further information released to know what happens here. One possible way MF could improve the quality of the plan is if the drop is first determined by Plan item type, magic level, actual item. In this case, the game chooses Set vs. Helm vs. Off-Hand, etc and then chooses the magic level of the item (not applicable to Set plans) Unique vs. Exalted Grand vs. Exalted Fine vs. Exalted. At that point, it selects which Unique Helm Plan to drop as eventually there will be more than 1 unique Lvl 62+ helm plan. MF could assist in the magic level of the Plan.

It's also possible Magic Find doesn't impact the level or the magic level of the plan at all exactly like Runes in D2. Regardless, I strongly believe MF has no impact on whether a Plan drops, but the Act you play does impact it solely because they're treated as iLvl 63 drops and those occur more often on Act 3 than Act 2 than Act 1. So if you're on a fool's quest to farm plans, treat them just like farming iLvl 63 items and play whichever Act you can generate the highest iLvl 63 drop rate for your character.
Posted by Member gnawol on 8/13/12 04:09 PM #19
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I think i've had the same experience as everyone here, i've run with MF and without MF gear for many, many hours on all acts. Have ever only found Rare plans from act1-3, i've never really tried farming Act4. It's good to know that Jeweler plans can drop in act2 from gobs, gives me even more of a reason to farm Vault of Assassin more frequently :-)
Posted by Member gnawol on 8/14/12 08:54 AM #20
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Also most of my legendaries have dropped from white trash and those corpses on the ground, anyone have the same experience?
Posted by Member ecocd on 8/14/12 09:10 AM #21
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My first legendary dropped from a corpse and my second came from Inferno Butcher.

Getting Legendaries from white mobs actually makes some sense given the extremely low probability of getting a Legendary drop. If you have a 0.0001% chance of getting a Legendary drop from a white trash monster (for instance) and a 0.001% chance of getting it from an elite, it doesn't take much for the sheer volume of white mobs to make up the difference over the elites. This doesn't really apply to Blue and Yellow drops since the elites have a 100% chance of dropping Blues and a near 100% chance of dropping Yellow with 5 NV while white mobs very rarely drop Yellow.

If one is looking to quixotically farm Legendaries, full clears very well may be better than elite runs.
Posted by Member Venoom on 8/14/12 03:49 PM #22
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I am trying a new spot for my Legendary/Set objects and plans hunt.

Pony Level Hell with 5x Nephalem Buff (I have yet to unlock it in Inferno)

1st try, I found a crappy Legendary.
2nd try today, I found a great amulet (100 Dext/Vit/Strength, 25% GF/MF) and the Legendary "The 300th Spear" with 21% MF!

"Glooorious!", perfect for my templar to get more MF from him.
Posted by Member MasterJedi on 8/14/12 04:21 PM #23
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I found Legendary Fire Brand plans a while back in Act 3 Inferno. I think I was in the Fortified Bunker..

Found lots of 5 prop plans for various items in act 3 as well. Never any 6 prop plans though.
Posted by Member Natiko on 8/14/12 04:32 PM #24
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The only ones I've found have all been in Act 1.
Posted by Member esheena1 on 8/14/12 04:42 PM #25
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i found mine in act 1

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