[MW] 9th percentile...need help analyzing logs

Posted by Member JensenBreck on 12/12/17 01:53 AM #1
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So I've recently started mistweaving, and I am having a lot of issues keeping up with the other mistweaver in my guild. (on this pull he is below me because he died very early) I realize I could inflate my numbers a lot if I used revival more, but the raid leader calls for healing cds when he wants them. I also save life cocoon for when tanks dip, and i feel like that is more important than meter. Unfortunately, I've been benched for my low heals, and any help would be appreciated. Have you spoken to the other MW? Is he doing things very different from yourself? I would look to drop the Auto-Repairing Autoclave trinket as soon as possible as it is absolutely terrible for MW. Other than getting +50 gems there isn't a lot you can do with regards to getting better stats on the gear until things drop for you.

Please Help.

Thanks !

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