How to play Fistweaving?

Posted by Member JensenBreck on 12/12/17 01:54 AM #1
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I find that it is great if you are playing with highly mobile teams, who have a ton of self peel and healer peeling capabilities. Not great against rdruid healers (cyclone) and rsham (wind shear) in 3's, cause you'll fall too far behind with an extra kick on you, or being cloned while you are in fist weaving.

I play it every game in 2's, and in 3's where I can get away with it. I find it much more rewarding.

Note: monk is an alt, I don't main it so I can't be taken overly seriously about it.

At the start I don't use fist weaving right away. I try to hard cast as much as possible without using big CDs, so I can save my really good healing (during WOTC) when enemies are using offensive CD's.

Always make sure you are in range of your portal (which should be pillared) because when you are out of WOTC, you need to hug the pillar and avoid getting kicked/CC as much as possible.

Please Help.

Thanks !

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