Does the TBT Alliance premade still run?

Posted by Member JensenBreck on 12/12/17 01:55 AM #1
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They had some drama with pixie and shadow, and pixie took all the members by exposing shadow, but never did anything with the group so it died off.

There's other alliance premades like spm. I'll link this thread to one of them to help you out.OMG Shadow was so bad. I was in some of this Ashran premades and he really had no idea what he was doing. His ego was so big for some mediocre person.

Trying to remember a debate I had with him. I know it had to do with positioning or hiding. Because I made a statement like it doesn't matter because everyone knows where you are going. So hiding 40 people in Ashran was just pointless.

Then said I knew nothing of war and would die if it was real life. Troop movements are always hidden. Told him I deployed three times and how insurgents even knew where all foot patrols where and stuff around that. Then even said you can get online and see a month out where the president would be. He didn't believe me and showed him a link to it, then removed from group and told I was black listed from his Ashrans.

Please Help.

Thanks !

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