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I decided to do a non-standard party. I'm currently running 1 Warrior, 3 Monks, a Bard, and 2 casters. I would have done an all Hunter party, but I wanted to prove that you didn't need critical hits to kill Sceadu and Tarjan. The Warrior's in there to turn into a Geomancer because converted Monks suck pretty hard, but I'm tempted to switch over anyway, just for the proper theme.So far, it's going pretty well. Although I did run into a weird fight with a Magic Eater when going to kick sand in Brilhasti's face. In the Catacombs, Magic Eaters are punks. They have, like, 1-5 HP. Apparently, deep in Unterbrae, Magic Eaters turn into freaking tanks. I was easily dishing out 2500 damage each round thanks to my Monks, and it still kept going. I mean, I got it eventually, but I'd forgotten how many HP they have. And I usually have a Hunter and a Rogue to make things like HP meaningless.
Right now, I'm just farming up some Conjurstaffs before heading to Gelidia. Arboria was pretty much a cake walk.
Honestly, I'm kind of tempted to ditch the Bard. Then I could run 4 Monks and put the pointless Warrior in the back row where he can wait for Kinestia. I've got Speedboots, so all I've used the Bard for is weak mid-combat healing. His eventual access to Trebuchet is tempting, but...
Please help.

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