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Posted by Member davefollmers on 5/4/18 02:49 AM #1
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The game itself works ok, but these three problems bug me a lot:
1. Inventory lag. In multiplayer games, when I go to the merchant my inventory is not shown. It takes sometimes up to 30seconds until the icons appear. I have no clue how to fix that, but I had that problem on previous installations as well (Mint17 etc.).
2. FPS. I'm not sure how much FPS I should get, but single player it's around 50, sometimes 40, sometimes 70. My CPU does not do much in that time, and my GPU is also only @ ~40% load.
3. Mouse. This one is annoying as hell. Exactly every 2nd left click is executed as single click without hold. For movement, I hold the left mouse button, but this only works every 2nd click. The other time my character just moves to the position where I clicked to. My mouse is ok, and works in other games/apps. This makes fluent gameplay nearly impossible. This problem was not present with my old system (Mint17) but I also had an older version of wine installed there (don't know which one tho).

Please help.

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