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I have a Titan one piping in a cyborg F.L.Y. 9 PS3 controller into my PS4. I was successful in remapping all my buttons to the cyborg from the PS4 and have some issues I'd like to explore. I have physically connected my PS4 controller to the titanOne with a cable. I also have a cable ran from my laptop to the titan one and a cable connecting my PS3 controller to my laptop.
1. While the ps4 touch pad button works on the PS3 controller via maxaim, the attached ps4 controller's touchpad no longer works when pressed as long as maxaim is running
2. when I enter the skills and inventory "wheel" menu in diablo III where I press the L stick to select an area I have problems.
a. There is a constant clicking in the menu like the directional l stick is being moved (but it isn't)
b. The "wheel" menu on the left should simply stay where the L stick last pointed but it will always return back to the direction the L stick favored when the inventory menu was opened. If I disable maxaim the L stick on the PS4 controller exhibits the correct behavior. If I enable Maxaim the L stick on the PS4 controller also exhibits the "stickyness" described above. The stickyness makes it so you can only select the sticky location without a lot of hassel. Please advise!

Please help.

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