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Uninstalling Symantec Antivirus
If it results in glitches, first step is to uninstall it...!! You can choose to uninstall Symantec by following the steps that are provided below.
At first, you need to go to control panel.
Once you are at the control panel, you should find “Add or remove programs” icon and double-clicking on it will help opening up the list software installed on your computer.
Find Symantec on your computer and then click on it.
Also one can get support for Malwarebytes Antivirus at [u]Malwarebytes Support UK[/u].
As soon as you have clicked on it, you shall find option like Remove and Repair.
Instead of repair, you should choose remove option. Once you have done that, you shall be able to find setup wizard on your computer.
Follow options on this wizard will help you to remove the software successfully.
Thereafter, click “Finish” button to end this process.
Now, the most important thing is to restart software, before you perform any actions like virus scanning for system with Malwarebytes.
Configure Malwarebytes

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