Will you be buying the new iPhone 5?

Posted by Member hdvision on 9/12/12 04:48 PM #1
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No surprises really with the new iPhone 5, bigger screen, new connector etc... Personally I won't be buying it, my old trusty 'smart' phone fits my needs. I'd rather put the cash towards something else, like a nexus 7 tablet.
Will you be buying the new iPhone 5?
Posted by Member yooj on 9/15/12 01:57 PM #2
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The iphone 5 doesnt have anything that makes it obviously different/superior to the iphone 4. So if i had a iphone 4, i wouldnt feel any need to get it. however, i don't have an iphone but for the same reason, i still don't feel the need to get it.
Posted by Member Shaemis on 9/15/12 02:03 PM #3
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I'm mostly interested in the iOS 6 update, which I don't need the new device for. I'll likely be waiting until they add more meaningful changes to the product to upgrade.
Posted by Member fermata on 9/15/12 02:52 PM #4
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I feel like new Apple products do relatively well because the keep the prices almost identical to their previous models, but give hardware boosts. I think it somehow makes previous owners feel like their fully-functional devices are somehow outdated and they need to upgrade.. At least that's how I felt when I bought my MBP, and then a they released the newer models with i5 processors. Then I realized that for what I do, I happy enough with what I have!

Also, I will not be buying the new iPhone5. Android, baby!
Posted by Member Wujuice on 9/15/12 03:42 PM #5
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I'm just going to wait for the 5s
Posted by Member BloodyHell on 9/15/12 04:50 PM #6
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Don't see the point. Too expensive for very few significant upgrades.
Posted by Member aimchecker on 9/15/12 05:00 PM #7
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I might because my phone's screen broke
Posted by Member volkar on 9/15/12 05:04 PM #8
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waiting for work to carry the 5 and then ill grab a work phone and move away from my personal phone
Posted by Member Boggess on 9/15/12 05:35 PM #9
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i wont be, if anything ill just be getting the iphone 4 (free now with 2 year). im currently just using a simple slide phone
Posted by Member Bloodseal on 9/15/12 05:43 PM #10
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Definitely not worth the money
Posted by Member Ariian2012 on 9/15/12 06:18 PM #11
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I have the 4s so I will just wait for my next upgrade to see what is out. The bigger screen seems nice though.
Posted by Member sivartt on 9/15/12 06:20 PM #12
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i am just staying with my 4th
probably not going to upgrade (short on money)
Posted by Member blah on 9/15/12 07:22 PM #13
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GS3 here.. no reason to buy a downgrade.
Posted by Member HaCutLf on 9/15/12 07:44 PM #14
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I bought a stupid Verizon Nexus on release day and haven't looked back!
Posted by Member Wordsworth on 9/15/12 09:31 PM #15
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Nope. Got the Moto Droid RAZR and I love it. Wouldn't get an iPhone for nothing.
Posted by Member Apolexious on 9/15/12 09:40 PM #16
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I have the 3gs at the moment, so i will probably upgrade, but for anyone who has a 4S there is no point, unless you want a bigger screen.
Posted by Member thegame05 on 9/15/12 09:50 PM #17
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My friends were disappointed because, everyone waited the grand i5 and when it launched it looked just like the photos that floated around on the net for months.
Posted by Member cybelis on 9/15/12 10:23 PM #18
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I have the 4, pre-ordered the iPhone 5 on pre-release day
Posted by Member y0ttabyte on 9/15/12 11:02 PM #19
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My 3GS is still going strong :D
Posted by Member Khan on 9/19/12 06:18 PM #20
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Samsung makes fun of Apple fans.
Posted by Member Venoom on 9/20/12 02:00 AM #21
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No, I will not buy it.
My experience with an iPhone 3G was more than enough, I hated it.

I currently have a HTC One X and love it.
Posted by Admin DHAdmin on 9/20/12 02:03 AM #22
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Posted by Khan at 09/19/2012 06:18 PM

Samsung makes fun of Apple fans.


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