Fast Zombies or Slow Zombies?

Posted by Member Khan on 10/2/12 08:55 PM #1
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I prefer fast for the visual and inherent rabies-like craziness.
Posted by Member Baldy on 10/2/12 09:06 PM #2
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Definately the faster zombies...more potential mayhem. Kind of like kinetic energy. Zombies in motion tend to stay in motion...unless a cap is busted off in there dome pieces. Word. ;-)
Posted by Member sabin on 10/3/12 04:03 PM #3
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Definitely depends on the scenario. The fast Dawn of the Dead (remake) type zombies usually induce more of a panic and are better for startling you. Slow zombies are better for being creepy / mysterious if you're hiding in a closet, or building more tension if it's coming down a hallway towards you and you have no escape route.

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