The Diablo Hub has been created to help fans like you gain more knowledge about the game! This guide section has been created to ensure you can find those hidden gems like Murlocket and how to get to the Secret Level. All the guides about Diablo can be found here, however do check out the community section and see what fans like you are talking about.

Kanai's Cube

An overview of how to find and use Kanai's Cube. This cube allows players to gain an additional three legendary powers. The item can also be used to convert, breakdown and transmute Legendary Items, Crafting Materials and Gems.

How to Find the Goblin Vault

A quick guide to farming Goblins in hopes of entering the Goblin Vault. An area full of gold, teasure and of course... Goblins.

Horadric Cache Legendary Item List

A list of legendary items found in Horadric Caches. Horadric Caches are rewarded for completing all 5 Bounties for an act in Adventure Mode. Each act drops a different set of Legendaries from this list, Act 4 can drop any of the bounty legendary items. Horadric Caches can also drop non Adventure Mode exclusive legendary items.

How to Find the Murlocket

The Murlocket is a unique amulet that is an easter egg of sorts. The amulet spawns a Murloc when equipped, which is a popular monster from World of Warcraft. Although the amulet and the Murloc it summons have no real practical use, it is a fun item for collectors or those whom simply enjoy having a cute little pet to follow them around.

Act 5 - Good Reads Achievement Guide

This is a guide to help people get the Good Reads achievement. Which requires People Finder, Field Research, Historian of Westmarch and Beastmaser of Westmarch.

Elite Monster Achievement Hunting Guide

This guide covers all the Champion, Rare and Unique monsters in the game that are required to unlock certain achievements. There are some monsters in the game that are not included in these achievements. This guide does not cover those monsters.

Guide to the Infernal Machine & Hellfire Rings

The Infernal Machine is a device that once crafted opens a portal to another realm where you can face off against Uber versions of Diablo 3 bosses. It is also a required step in crafting the Hellfire Ring.

Guide to the Secret Level

Everything you need to know about the Diablo 3 secret level. Slaughtering hordes of demons got you bored? I think it's time to visit the carefree world of Unicorns and Rainbows.

Champion and Elite Monster Affixes

Check this guide to learn about how every monster ability works such as Mortar and Missile Dampening.

General Tips and Tricks Every Diablo 3 Player Should Know

A collection of tips to make your travels in the world of Diablo that much easier, oh, and have you heard of Elective Mode? It will change your life.

5 Top Tips for Players

Diablohub offers 5 top tips to get you ahead in the game. Click here to find out more.

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