Independent Gaming Software Companies

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Independent Gaming Software Companies

Independent Gaming

Independent game developers are standalone operators and the creative minds behind indie video games. They're individuals or teams who produce these independently-made titles without any major financial backing from publishers. They do have full reign over what will go into them and how much time is spent testing out each feature before release!

Why They Are Important for Gamers

Indie games are usually short, fun and have an emphasis on art. They’re made with minimalist pixel graphics which makes them perfect for one person. There's no rush to finish the game when it comes down from small studios who take their time crafting each detail before releasing into existence. They know that every little bit counts so there isn't anything left out or overlooked at all by chance either. Developers always to be sure everything has been carefully planned ahead in order make sure things go smoothly during gameplay sessions. Most important point that developers are much more attentive when it comes to fixing their game.

Mojang Studios:

Minecraft Mohjang

The independent video game developer, Mojang Studios is based in Stockholm and was founded by Swedish designer Markus Persson. Mojang Studios known for their best-selling title, Minecraft. They've also developed Caller's Bane and published it digitally through microtransactions in addition to developing other games such as Crown & Council which features turn based strategy gameplay with digital collectible card collection elements added on top! Mojang Studios also released various smaller games as part of game jams organized by Humble Bundle and published the externally developed Cobalt and Cobalt WASD.

Minecraft became highly successful, eventually the best-selling game of all time, giving Mojang sustained growth. Minecraft creator Markus Persson offered to sell his share in Mojang, and Microsoft Studios acquired the company for $2.5 billion dollars! The best-selling game of all time became an even greater success after this move!

Is Minecraft still an indie game?

Microsoft might have bought out Mojang and taken over publishing duties but they haven't been able to take this crazy popular title off the market yet! The most successful indie game of all time is still Minecraft. It has sold over 200 million copies worldwide and boasts 125 monthly active users.

Rockstar North:

Rockstar North GTA

The team at Rockstar North is dedicated to making high-quality video games. They're based in Edinburgh and they've been working together since 1987 when the company was founded by David Jones, who also came up with its name - DMA Design. The company is known for creating successful shooters such as Menace which came out on Commodore 64 platform before moving onto other platforms like Amiga or Atari ST where they made blood money one of its best remembered games ever made! DMA's major breakthrough came in 1991, when Lemmings launched. The original Amiga game ultimately sold over 15 million copies and received numerous ports to different consoles after its release date!

Grand Theft Auto V is an action-adventure title developed by Rockstar North and published under the banner of "Rockstar Games." Grand Theft Auto V received multiple nominations and awards from gaming publications. The day the game was released, Grand Theft Auto V generated more than US$815 million in worldwide revenue. This is an extraordinary amount for a single video game and speaks volumes about how successful this franchise truly is! It is second best seller game after Minecraft.

EA Mobile:

Tetris EA for mobile

In 2004, a group of company veterans led by John Batter founded EA Mobile. The founding members included Linda Chaplin - head US sales; Lincoln Wallen-CTO & Senior Producer at the time; Jay Miller US Sales Manager for European and Asian operations respectively.

They have created some of the most well-known products to date including the mobile versions of Tetris, The Sims and Need for Speed among others like NFL, NBA, and MLB -branded games. EA mobile also produced conversions from other popular console titles such as Bejeweled which was made into a smartphone app by this company! The game known as Tetris has been around for decades and it still manages to reach new heights with each passing year. Alexey Pazhitnov's Tetris has been inspiring game for mobile game designers.

The Moscow Academy of Science computer scientist created the first version of this popular puzzle game on an Electronica 60 in 1980 The mobile versions of Tetris; reaching 100 million paid downloads by 2010 making its way into third place overall when considering all-time favorites! The same year EA Mobile announced the acquisition of UK based iPhone and iPad games publisher 'Chillingo' for US$20 million in cash. Publisher company Video gaming giant Electronic Arts generated net revenue of 5.63 billion U.S. dollars in its 2021 fiscal year.

Game Freak:

Pokemon from Game Freak

Game Freak, the company behind some of your favorite video games like Pokémon and Smart Ball has its roots in 1980s Japan. In fact, it was founded by Satoshi Tajiri who started out as self-published magazine editor before founding Game Freak. Taijiri with his friend Ken Sugimori created interactive entertainment software for Nintendo systems. Games include popular Pokémon series such As Pokémon Yellow, Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire and others.

Game Freaks first game was Quinty. Imagine a world where you are on an adventure with your girlfriend, but she has been captured by enemies. You must use the power of flip tiles to move around and solve puzzles in order defeat their plans for global domination! This is what we call Quinty (Known as Mandel Palace in USA). This game was released by Namco.

Pokémon is one of the most successful and well-known brands in Japan. They have over 900 million followers worldwide! The first video games that were created by Satoshi Tajiri, Pocket Monsters Red and Green released in 1996 for the Game Boy. These two titles were later translated into English as "Pocket Monster" which is how they became internationally recognizable among gamers around world.

Game Freak’s revenue for 2021 was $1.1 billion, an operating income of 254 million dollars and net profit 170 million USD which marks the highest amount in their history! This is 21% growth.

Witch Beam:

Witch Beam unpacking

Witch Beam Games Pty Ltd (Witch Beam) is an independent video game developer based in Brisbane, Australia, with a focus on PC and console gaming. It was founded in 2013. The founders include Tim Dawson, Sanatana Mishra who met while working at Creative Assembly Sega Studios Australia to pursue independent development after their exit from Sega's employ in 2013. Jeff van Dyck joined afterward providing audio design support.

Their first game Assault Android Cactus didn’t bring them the success the dreamed of. Their second and best-selling game called Unpacking. The experience of pulling possessions out from boxes and fitting them into new homes is familiar. Yet foreign at first glance with its blocky graphics that remind you what's going on inside your head as well as outside it!

The goal is just like with any other house-building puzzle: make sure everything goes well enough so when it comes time to move again. In the game, you don't read books or notes talking about what's going on. Instead, it focuses more so in showing and introducing its story through items that get unpacked from each box for your character to discover something new about themselves- such as their favorite colors!

The gameplay in Unpacking won an award for its innovative design! It's the first time this has happened at one of these prestigious events. Australian developer Witch Beam Games has announced that Unpacking sold over 100K units in its first ten days on sale.

Independent Gaming Software Supporting Platforms:

It's no secret that the gaming industry is booming. There are more opportunities than ever before for independent developers. All these new platforms come different guidelines and regulations- some of which you have to agree upon before even getting started! Such as submitting your game on Steam costs $100 publishing fee each time (and 70/30 revenue split). GOG offers free submissions without any strings attached. However, they do require approval by their team in order not break any rule or policy set forth within this platform.

The Gamers Gate Free submission and 70/30 revenue split. Like other programs, Nintendo has its own rules that you must agree too before submitting your title; however, unlike Apple who charges $99 per year (or more), they just ask that developers sign up with them - adhere strictly by guidelines set forth-and create some awesome content!

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