How to Find the Goblin Vault

Published by Anuiran on October 8th, 2019

The Goblin Vault is a special area filled with gold and treasure for heroes to find. The only way to enter is by killing a Goblin and travelling through it's portal.

Quick Info:

  • Play on the highest Torment level you can comfortably manage, as you will receive substantially more gold.
  • Before breaking urns and treasure chests, you can switch to a set of Gold Find armor to maximize your profits even more.
  • Only players in the game at the time the Goblin was slain may enter it's portal.
  • The unique boss inside the vault drops Boon of the Hoarder, a Legendary Gem that causes enemies to drop gold when they die.
  • Only goblins found during Adventure Mode and not inside of Rifts can spawn a portal.
  • The portal can only appear in a level 70 game.
  • Splitting up in a multiplayer game and searching for Goblins separately is the best method as you will cover the most ground in the shortest amount of time.
  • Remember not every Goblin killed spawns a portal, you might spend a long time searching.

  • Once a Goblin finally spawns a portal after it dies it will look like the one in following image. Just click it and enter the land of gold and treasure!

    Spots to Farm:

    The following locations are highly recommended due to the frequency of Goblins and the small map size for quick exploration.

    • Core of Arreat - Act 3
    • Northern Highlands - Act 1
    • Festering Woods - Act 1
    • Tower of the Damned - Act 3

    These next two locations are a bit larger which makes them a bit less optimal. However they are still good areas to check if you are not having luck with the areas above. Of course you can always just do bounties normally as you will run into Goblins while running to and from bounty spots.

    • Weeping Hollow - Act 1
    • Fields of Misery - Act 1

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