Locked: I'm here for the contest, good luck

Posted by Member ChuckTesta on 8/1/12 08:19 PM #1
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I'm definitely going to start checking this site a lot more now that I know it exists. Are there any plans to add generic items to your auction house tracker? Like lets say I wanted to know a general price of a mace/sword/spear etc. with like 200+ LOH or Crit Dmg of 100+ etc...or is that too hard to track?

Anyways, keep up the good work and keep us posted with updates!
Posted by Member fwckyocouch on 8/1/12 08:26 PM #2
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this website is very helpful i'll definitively come again and gl on the contest everyone
Posted by Member MChan02 on 8/1/12 08:35 PM #3
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ERMAHGERD.. good luck everyone!
Posted by Member golfkungz125 on 8/1/12 08:51 PM #4
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Good luck guys! Love the auction house price tracker.
Posted by Member Ebolaking on 8/1/12 08:52 PM #5
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I'm here too for the contest. I'm liking the layout of this site and I will definitely be coming back to this site.
Posted by Member f0rneus on 8/1/12 08:56 PM #6
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Same here, good luck everyone!
Posted by Member suacy on 8/1/12 09:06 PM #7
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i am entering the competition!
Posted by Member crseat on 8/1/12 09:07 PM #8
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The item tracker is pretty cool.
Posted by Member mb1son on 8/1/12 09:20 PM #9
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Good luck all ya'll, i wonder how many people are entering...
Posted by Member ccbfan on 8/1/12 09:24 PM #10
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Good luck everyone.
Posted by Member andywieks on 8/1/12 09:29 PM #11
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Good Luck to Me!
Posted by Member y0ttabyte on 8/1/12 09:38 PM #12
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Good luck :)
Posted by Member syncd3 on 8/1/12 09:44 PM #13
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gerd luerk
Posted by Member ckid on 8/1/12 09:48 PM #14
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good luck!
Posted by Member Erekshun on 8/1/12 09:49 PM #15
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Aw ye, i no wut u mean breh breh
Posted by Member misterkodak on 8/1/12 11:01 PM #16
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The lucks, i wish them.

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