Mega and some free cloud storage.

Posted by Member mantice on 1/20/13 07:40 PM #1
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Hey so Kim Dotcom launched his site yesterday anyone been able to actually go on it ? I'm really interested in the 50g free cloud storage. I saw mediafire was doing a similar thing but they had a ton of restrictions on the cloud service. Yet tonight was the first time i actually was able to get to the websites main page. Cant do anything else though. Its getting hit with a ton of traffic. It's almost like the users are DDOS it lol.

Anyone else know of free cloud usage ?

I'm asking because i'm getting a tablet (nexus10) soon with limited storage and no expansion slot.
Posted by Member Khan on 1/20/13 09:40 PM #2
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Personally I use Spideroak if I want it super secure.
Posted by Member BrettDaren on 1/21/13 02:56 AM #3
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I have been using SugarSync and DropBox cloud storage as free upto 5GB with full features. I recommend both as they are not just super secure but also provide various storage features. Although there are other best Free Cloud Storage providers that offers upto 50GB cloud storage. You can choose according according to your need.

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