Path of Exile

Posted by Member Buzzell on 2/10/13 08:30 AM #1
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I recommend it to all that liked Diablo 2. Free ARPG that is honestly just fantastic.

I'm on it, and have been playing it lately.

Path Of Exile
Posted by Member ninjax on 2/10/13 11:32 AM #2
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Yeah heard quite a bit about it since it comes from my homeland, yet to play though just watched a few trailers on YouTube.
Posted by Member hdvision on 2/10/13 05:31 PM #3
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I've played a bit of PoE, my first impressions was just the sheer amount of choices available. That skill tree looks crazy when zoomed out. Playing a templar class which looks like is closest to the paladin I used to play in D2 way long time ago.
Posted by Member Mehsiah on 2/11/13 08:21 PM #4
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Been playing for the last few weeks and just D3 AH flipping. Highest lvl so far is a 45 Shadow LMP Build.

Only people I know to be playing PoE is myself and YoYo here on the forums (Better know as Eric).

If you'd like to add me, shoot me a FR @ Ms_Turok or Throndul.
Posted by Member Buzzell on 2/17/13 03:01 PM #5
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@mesiah will do.

@yoyo Eric, I didn't know you played PoE, whats your name on there?

Posted by Member AncientWiz on 2/17/13 08:56 PM #6
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thank you i will check path of exile.
Posted by Member yoyo on 2/18/13 05:15 PM #7
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I've been playing on and off. My PoE name is wtfisthisshite. :)
Posted by Member Methrin on 12/9/13 05:58 PM #8
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Been playing on Domination league and having a blast.

Hit me up as "Pasdombre", my L68 Shadow (started him 1.5 weeks ago, craziness, I know.)
Posted by Member psycho6886 on 12/20/13 08:23 AM #9
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51-ish Shadow.. look up as JasonCastus

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