What do you think Diablo 3 will become?

Posted by Member biagi on 8/2/12 06:57 AM #1
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Hi guys, I was thinking, World of Warcraft is the game where we should rely when we think about how could be the future game changes. Eg when WOW was launched, there were fewer classes, locations, mobs, bosses and equips. Except that the time between releases of expansions was long, but it was filled with events and other things. Now with the D3, that we can play solo or in limited groups, I can't see how these events may occur, so the amount of time to the launch of the expansions should be shortened.
Well, what you imagine and wish for these "coming" expansions?
Posted by Member Voltron on 8/2/12 11:07 AM #2
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Well the addition of PvP should be interesting, I've herad its gonna be patch 1.1...I'm not quite sure how it will work but I'm definitely looking forward to PvP because I'm getting a little bored of the game already. As far as other elements in future expansions go perhaps another class, and hopefully some more end game content
Posted by Member TheProfessor234 on 8/2/12 05:11 PM #3
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It's hard to say what's going to happen. I really wish they would keep posting more blogs about changes and more information about their own ideas. Only thing that's sad is they will probably not add any new content. Sure, PvP will be huge and have maps and things but outside of an expansion, I don't see much being added outside of changes.
Posted by Member hiya1009 on 8/2/12 06:26 PM #4
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The problem is that they are already losing a majority of their players. I find it tough to believe any update will be able to bring the hype of d3 back to its original state, regardless of any update Bliz implements. Needless to say, they are somewhat in a bind as of now, and imo the implementation of PvP VERY soon will be the most solid way of keeping players tuned in for a bit longer.

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