price check 2hand bow

Posted by Member dare5555 on 8/2/12 10:33 AM #1
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Posted by Admin Artishir on 8/2/12 12:47 PM #2
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I looked and found bows with crit around the same dps as yours, They were 10mil to 12mil, but yours has a socket AND crit damage as a stat, I would honestly try for like 18mil, MAYBE more, Then if it doesn't sell, lower the price down a bit. Also, I would put an emerald in it so when people search the AH for higher crit damage, yours shows up! Doesn't have to be an amazing one, even a flawless square emerald would work, though id buy a perfect square emerald if i were you, it would make the crit damage 103%, which, people like. Anyway, Good luck selling :D

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