My Birthday is coming soon...

Posted by Member Mehsiah on 3/27/13 10:30 PM #1
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So April 6th is my birthday and Id appreciate if you all would chip in to buy me a pair of gloves...

Only 1.2b on GAH. And so you know were best friends you can also buy the same exact pair as there are 3 of the same currently on the GAH for 1.2b. :) Thanks!

(Almost 20k dps increase.. /drool )

Posted by Member Mehsiah on 3/27/13 10:59 PM #2
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Also, this is gonna be a serious post.

What is the gold to money ratio nowadays? I recently looked on the RMAH for the same gloves. Since my img was way too small, let me post the stats:

IK Gloves -> 268 Str/ 30 Vit/ CHC 10%/ CD 50%/ LifeRegen + Melee Reduc.

A pair of gloves with these stats are going for $80 RMAH, that would be 320mil at .25cents a mil.
If I decided to get those gloves, would I really be getting them for say 320mil or for alot more?
Posted by Member Socrates on 3/28/13 12:15 AM #3
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For really high end items, the RMAH is usually cheaper with the current cost of gold.
Posted by Member ecocd on 3/28/13 05:16 AM #4
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Socrates is right that RMAH and GAH prices aren't always aligned. If you're curious about the going exchange rate, you can check this thread which I occasionally update with an estimated current USD/1 MM Gold price through swapping high end gems.
Posted by Member NightCrawler9 on 3/28/13 09:28 AM #5
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Well, as long as we're asking for stuff for our birthdays...

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