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While not as efficient as the Whirl-Wind build, Seismic Slam is a great alternative that offers the flexibility of farming high and low Monster Power levels.

-Introduction to the build
-Skill Build
-Stat Requirements
-Special Item Mentions
-Game Play
-Summing up

Introduction to the build
Seismic Slam - Slam the ground and cause a wave of destruction that deals 240% weapon damage and Knockback to targets in a 45 yard arc.

This build utilizes the ability to keep your enemies knocked back continuously.
The large area of effect(AoE) gives you great control of the fight, while ensuring - with enough Critical Hit Chance(CC) - you maintain enough fury to continue the onslaught.

The 240% weapon damage, when combined with your high Strength(str) and high Critical Hit Damage(CD) also means you will be dealing respectable amounts of damage.

Because this build allows you to continuously knockback your enemies, you rarely take damage from melee enemies and you can easily avoid standing in ground effects. This means you are able to gear up with more Damage and less Defense than usual.

By choosing different runes you can easily go from farming low Monster Power(MP) to farming higher levels without switching out your gear.

What makes this build even better, is that you are not locked into using a specific weapon combination. It doesn't matter whether you like hard hitting slow weapons like a mighty Skorn, the agility of dual-wielding, or even the defense of a sword & board, you will be able to slam your foes into the ground non-the-less.

Skill Build
Your skill decisions are pretty flexible. What you use will depend on what you want to do, and how you like to play.

Ruthless: This is a no-brainer, 5% CC, 50% CD. These are our two main damage stats, and we get it for free!

Weapon Mastery: You will want to equip an axe or mace in your mainhand to take advantage of the 10% CC this passive offers.

Your third passive is up to you. Here are some pretty good choices though.
Bloodthirst: If your weapons AND belt lack life-steal(ls), this is a must.

Unforgiven: You can avoid a fury generator completely with enough CC and this passive, giving you an extra skill slot.

Brawler: If your playstyle is more in your face, you may find the 30% extra damage extremely useful. You will probably need to build a bit more defensively to support this though.

Bash or Frenzy
Bash - Instigation: My personal preference. Better when using slower weapons and you lack initial fury generation.
Frenzy - Maniac: Probably the better choice if you can maintain the frenzy stacks in between slams, does however require you to stay closer to your opponents.

Seismic Slam
You will use Strength from the Earth if you find yourself killing monsters with single blows (low MP).
Rumble is better suited for when you're dealing with stronger monsters that take 3 or more critical hits to down (high MP)

Battle Rage
Into the Fray is a must. Whenever you critical hit with Battle Rage active, there is a chance you will generate 15 fury. With enough critical hits, you will have unlimited supply of fury to maintain your onslaught.

The rest is up to you. Here are a few honorable mentions, but by no means are you restricted to these skills.

War Cry
Impunity: The 20% Armor and All Resist is great for boosting your defenses. The fury generated is also great for when you're low and need that one slam to start you off again.

Run like the Wind: The tornadoes can work great to assist fury generation when you are hitting and running. Also you can knock enemies back into your tornadoes to maximize the damage you deal.

Bloodlust: Hands down, one of the best survive-ability spells in the Barbarians arsenal. If you're built a little bit more glassy then this a great skill too keep that low hp pool up.

Ignore Pain
Ignorance is Bliss: If you're only experiencing brief encounters where you're struggling to survive, then Ignore Pain is a great way to offset that. Combined with 'Wrath of the Berserker - Insanity', you can drop almost anything without flinching in mere seconds.

Wrath of the Berserker
Insanity: Excellent way of disposing of those more difficult Elite packs you encounter, or an 'oh-shit!' key for when you're Frozen/Jailed and about to die!

Ground Stomp
Wrenching Smash: Group 'em, stun 'em, and knock 'em over. The one caveat of this spell is that it doesn't suck up Elites or Champion monsters.

Launch: Great way to make some space between you and your foes, and the aoe slow is a great setup for your slams.
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Stat Requirements
As with your skill build, how you gear up is very flexible. There are no breakpoints for attack speed or any complicated gearing decisions. In a nutshell these are the few requirements for this build:

-Enough CC to maintain fury. Depending on whether you use Rumble or Strength from the Earth, will dictate how much is enough. Generally though, you'll want to aim for 40% or more. Of course, more is better!
-3% Lifesteal. Whether you get this in your weapon(s), belt or passive makes no difference, you just need some! Again, more is better!

While you can build much more offensively with this build, you still need to mitigate some damage. You will probably want to aim for the following stats:
-HP: 30,000
-All Resists: 400
-Armor: 4000

As long as you can manage to get at least these stats, you'll want to pump up your Strength, Weapon Damage and Critical Hit Damage as much as possible.

Attack Speed is a matter of preference and play-style. There is no point having a lot of Attack Speed if you can't stand still and cast your slam indefinitely. In most hit-and-run situations, you'll not use your Attack Speed. Really you want enough that makes you feel comfortable.

One extra note with regard to Attack Speed;
If you're Attacks Per Second is very high and you're not using Strength from the Earth, it's possible you may run out of fury before you can begin to regenerate that fury. This is a similar problem Witch Doctors face with their Mana Resource.
In such cases, gearing up with some extra Max Fury can increase the initial buffer of Fury and resolve you're problems.

Special Item Mentions
Generally, you'll want to build similarly to everyone else, albeit, with a more DPS-focus. However, there are a few specific item's that can offer great extra bonuses.

If you choose to use a two handed weapon, look out for one with Increase Critical Hit Chance of Seismic Slam (2-8%).

If you chose to run with a shield, look out for one with Increase Critical Hit Chance of Seismic Slam (2-8%).

Mara's Kaleidoscope
This amulet can be pretty amazing, albeit, nigh-on-impossible to roll what you want. None-the-less, keep an eye out for one with CC, CD and Increase Critical Hit Chance of Seismic Slam (2-7%).

Stone of Jordan
This ring is simply amazing. You're Damage Per Second(DPS) matters most against Elites and Champions, and this ring boosts your DPS by up to 30% in those situations. On top of that you can roll Increase Critical Hit Chance of Seismic Slam (2-7%). Find one with some Cold damage and you're set!

Skull Grasp
While the Attack Speed this ring offers is often unnecessary, it can roll Increase Critical Hit Chance of Seismic Slam (2-7%). Find one with some added CC or even CD and it would surely be an asset to this build.
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Game Play
So you've decided your skill-build, and you're farmed up those items, let's play!
The general strategy is to start off by buffing up your War Cry and Battle Rage using your bash or frenzy to build enough fury for your first slam.
From there it's quite simply;

The aim is to hit multiple enemies with every slam, so you maximize your chance to Critically Hit, and - through Battle Rage - generate enough fury for your next slam.

You should take care of your movements, remember that you're probably not going to cope with the damage that's incoming. You want to aim your slams in such a fashion that you disrupt the attacks of any ranged enemies, while keeping melee enemies at range.
Try to line up your enemies and drive them against a wall. Nothing will attack you as long as you are knocking them back.

There are a few (rare) monsters that are immune to your knock-back effect, such as, Colossal Golgors and Tremors, so you will need to take care when faced with these. Use rend or Ignore Pain to shake off their damage. Try to hit additional enemies when slamming these monsters, as it can be difficult to keep fury up against single foes. If all else fails, you can just ignore them - these monsters are usually slow and easy to out run.

Dealing with Elite and Champions
You need to remember that Elites and Champions are immune to your knock-back effect (minions are still affected though).
As long as you keep some distance and avoid their ground effects, you should be fine.

There are however two affixes you need to take heed of;
-Reflect Damage

Waller: Your slams do not pass through the walls that Elites and Champions create. You will simple need to work around them. However, Rend and Bash/Frenzy will work, as well as the after shocks created by Rumble Slams.

Reflect Damage: As you're likely less defensive and much more offensive, it's quite likely you will simply kill yourself if you Critically hit against 2 or more enemies with this affix.
As long as you can mitigate the damage from 1 Critical hit reflected, you can use Rend to replenish your life fast enough between the reflected ticks. The strategy is to hit as many targets as possible with Rend BEFORE using slam.
Another strategy is to make sure there are many (3 or more) enemies without the Reflect Damage affix hit with the same slam. This ensures that - while you will take large damage from the reflect - you will also regenerate a large amount of life at the same time.

Summing Up
While this build isn't as efficient as the Whirl-Wind build, it is still effective and it's definitely more flexible!
With no breakpoints or movement speed requirements, the seismic slam build allows you to gear more simply and more focused towards damage, while maintaining the ability to farm higher MP levels than perhaps your gear would normally allow.

This build has been my staple since I discovered it, and I've had great success with it. I use it for everything I do, including;
-Farming low MP
-Farming MP10
I've never seen another barb using Seismic Slam, and I thought it would be great to share my build with others.
You can view my hero's profile here

Hope you guys enjoy, take care!
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I'm a fan of Hammer of the Ancients as an Elite killer, but that would probably require additional defense for this build since you're going to be taking 2 or 3 hits in the process. Have you tried using it? It's fantastic with 2H weapons. You might want to look into The Devil's Anvil rune which would even impact elites at 80% slow and allow you to put a smidgen of distance between you and them for some additional Seismic Slams.

You have some pretty fabulous gear. I doubt I'll be able to take on MP10 with my gear, but I bet I can probably run MP7 like I do with my Thunderstrike-based Hammer of the Ancients build. Thanks for the suggestions! Maybe I'll try it out this weekend.

Without as much money in the game to chase through farming, it doesn't really matter than Barbs are so OP anymore. Now it just has the upside of being able to kill with darn near any skill combination you find the most fun and still be able to crush Inferno. I'm actually considering trying out a Berserker's Rage build that just uses the 3 primaries and some combination of Rend, War Cry, Battle Rage, Overpower and Wrath of the Barbarian to see just how much I can crush.
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