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Posted by Member Windvool on 4/4/13 09:00 PM #1
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Hello fellow barbs. Im in search of a bit of help on my next upgrade. Here is my barb gear and stats


Currently I farm MP6 without deaths pretty easily. I have 60m to spend, and I'm looking at a few options.

First one is upgrading my ammy or first ring.
Second option is to spend a decent amount on crafting shoulders to provide similar STR and RA but with vitality included.
Third option is to upgrade my IK helm to include RA.

I also cant lose an attack speed as I'm sitting at 2.05 and dont want this to drop below the 2.00 breakpoint.

Any help or other suggestions?
Posted by Member eleganthobo on 4/4/13 10:33 PM #2
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I like your gear, it works. Craft some archon shoulders of Vit (check mine, not great but it took like 60 rolls) and replace one of your rings with a unity with crit damage (you want to target at least 10% CD for every 1% of CC as a general rule). You could also try to craft/buy an ammy with higher CD. Other areas of improvement would be to target 45K health and some more RA for higher MPs.
Posted by Member Windvool on 4/8/13 03:18 PM #3
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So I decided to work on the shoulders to increase my health. Crafted 172 shoulders of Vit, using all my essences, and got nothing! Highest STR roll was 205 but had no resists on it. In the process of farming more and will have another crack at it.
Posted by Member ecocd on 4/8/13 08:22 PM #4
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@Windvool ignore what @eleganthobo said about his shoulders being "not great," because they're as close to BiS as anyone will see. He'll never roll a better pair. You'll never roll a better pair. I'll never roll a better pair. He could've had a Str/Vit roll instead of a Str/Int and he has one wasted mod (Life Regen) which could've been Life %, MF or Pickup Radius. It will take hundreds, if not thousands of rolls to do better. That was one helluva lucky roll.

If you're crafting Vit shoulders, you're looking for AR, Armor and some base stat. If you get anything over about 130 in the base stat (along with the AR & armor), you can probably stop crafting, because it's going to be very difficult to get better. If you're specifically looking for 200 Str, 200 Vit, AR shoulders, you're going to be crafting for a very, very long time.
Posted by Member Windvool on 4/8/13 08:49 PM #5
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@ecocd ill keep that in mind. I have some time to think, as Ive used all my essences, they werent all wasted though, made some decent Vit, Life%, RA, Intel shoulders that my wiz will be using. Just had a look at your barb "Increase attack speed by 99%" ROFL!!! That would be impressive to see in action.
Posted by Member moloch154 on 4/9/13 11:22 AM #6
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Hi @Windvool. You have a nice setup with your gear. I think you can go in a couple of different directions here with your Barb. I am not sure how tied you are to your IK set, but if you were to break that up, I believe you could find some nice upgrades by replacing your gloves and boots. Tri-gloves are relatively cheap to buy, and you should be able to craft a really nice pair as well. As far as ehp goes, it is really tough to beat ice climbers, but if you want MS on your feet, ice climbers can get a bit pricey. Finding a cheap upgrade for your rings should not be too difficult either if you are patient. I believe a similar statement could be said about your weapons as well.

If you are looking for a cost effective way to get more ehp out of your helm, a non-cc mempo may be the way to go and replace the cc on your IK helm with a new ring. Just swapping out those two pieces should increase your ehp and tdps quite a bit w/o putting too much of a dent into your 60m bank roll.

I am rambling here, but with your current setup, you really have a lot of flexibility in upgrading your Barb. If I was in your shoes, I would keep your crafted shoulders for the same reason @ecocd suggested. Craft/buy a new pair of gloves (preferably the former), Swap IK Helm with a non-cc Mempo and finally upgrade one of your rings.
Posted by Member ecocd on 4/9/13 12:08 PM #7
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@moloch154 What's tdps? I'm not pleased with displayed DPS (only than Sweeping Wind, for instance which I just discovered goes off of dps). I'm always up for examining new metrics. Idly trying to come up with my own, but the new monster density changes threw a monkey wrench into my best idea. I ain't complaining. It's a fantastic change.
Posted by Member moloch154 on 4/9/13 01:17 PM #8
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@ecocd Sorry about that. I meant total dps factoring all your skills into your damage calculation rather than using your paper dps. I use d3up.com to check builds, gear, etc. out. I find it quite useful. It will even break down what adding 1 more point of something will do to either your ehp or your dps.
Posted by Member Windvool on 4/9/13 01:53 PM #9
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Crafted some decent shoulders last night. Check out my barb (noob, dunno how to post pics). Pretty happy with them although there is a little room for improvement. Thanks for the suggestions guys. @moloch154 I will slowly start looking to break up the IK set. I've always kept a Mempo in mind with some decent gloves and ice climbers, but might look at saving up even more and get a crit one. And yes, my weapons can easily be upgraded, but at a cost. I'll see what I can find over the next few weeks and post here again.

Posted by Member eleganthobo on 4/9/13 02:39 PM #10
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Very nice @windvool! I really wasn't being false modest, its relatively easy for shoulders to roll well because you really only need two additional random rolls being good. In the case of vit shoulders, the required rolls for me are all resist and high strength (armor, life Regen, PUR, etc. are just gravy). Relative to gloves and amulets where you need 5 or 6 good stats with attack affixes like cc, Attkspd, cd..shoulders and to an extent bracers are your best bet. To see some truly bis crafted shoulders, check diablo progress!
Posted by Member Windvool on 7/10/13 07:45 PM #11
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Sup guys. So its been a few months since I posted here for help, and ive made some major changes to my barb. Have a quick look and let me know what you guys think.


Looking to upgrade my main weapon and then some gem upgrades would be the next step.

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