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Posted by Member Baldy on 4/24/13 08:33 PM #1
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So I was thinking back to my days playing Diablo II and something occured to me.

When I first started playing DII, my first character was a Paladin. I loved playing the paladin mostly because of all the aura's he had for team play.

The next char that I rolled was my Barb (Mr. Furious, look it up. It references a character from a movie called Mystery Men. Funny stuff!!) My barb ended up being my work horse for the vast majority of time playing D2.

After him came my sorceress. She was my farmer. Period end of story. That teleport skill was PARAMOUNT to running Mephisto 1000's of times.

After that came my Amazon. She was fun, mostly for the pvp and leveling in cows (lightning javazons were extremely OP).

The reason that I am listing these is because I find myself in almost the same pattern while playing Diablo III. My first character is a monk. My second a barbarian. My third is a little bit of a stray from the trend with my witch docter, but I was searching from something interesting to do at the time and shes filled that void fairly well (although I haven't touched her in quite some time. Now I am leveling a Wizard. Next I plan on leveling a Demon Hunter.

The trend has continued (for the most part) from DII to DIII. It's kind of ironic that I do these things the way that I do but I guess that it's just me...

Just thought I would share.
Posted by Member eastdragon42 on 4/24/13 10:05 PM #2
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My only two heroes in D2 were both Amazons; the first a javazon, the second a bowazon. & my only hero in D3 is a Demon Hunter. So I guess I'm following a similar trend, in terms of loving ranged-class characters. :-)

On two unrelated side notes:

When I used to hit the arcade in the late 80s to play The Gauntlet, I always went for the Valkyrie, a hero with ranged weapons & a lot of armor. :)

When I used to play D&D, I used to always play either a Cleric or a dwarf with the Basic & Expert sets. Or when AD&D came out, a Dwarven Cleric. :-) Something about being able to heal myself w/o relying on others just really appealed to me....


EDIT: & back in Diablo 1...? I honestly don't remember if I started with the Rogue or not. D1 is the only game in the franchise where I actually took the time to level all three heroes up to max, but don't recall the order in which I did them. With the subsequent games in the series, I just found it too time consuming to level every single hero up...
Posted by Member Raulz0r on 4/24/13 10:53 PM #3
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I mostly played as a Barb or as a Sorc in Diablo 2, with that being said the first character I got to 60 was a Barb, the second one I think it was the WD.

In Lineage 2 or in Mu Online (Diablo with an AFK mode :)) I used to play mostly "Wizard" type of characters because of the range.
Posted by Member h311o on 4/25/13 02:31 AM #4
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For me it was always the counterpart - first level ranged then meele ones and this is the same in D3 (wiz, dh, wd, monk and barb)
Posted by Member ecocd on 4/25/13 04:07 AM #5
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I've taken a different route having only played Amazon's in D2, I've taken to running many different builds in D3 with all but my WD above P10, but none even up to P50. I think yesterday, for the very first time, I found myself bored with D3. I know improved monster density, a Disintegrate Wizard and multiplayer will bring that back, but I'm out of town the first 2 weekends in May so people may already be sick of 1.0.8 by the time I can get in a solid play session.

I always had great respect for the people with the dedication to learn to play the assassin properly, becauss I could never quite get the hang of timing my charges properly.

One of my biggest regrets is starting with a Witch Doctor which was so underpowered, it was sad and so frustrating I stopped at level 38. I always played D2 self-found so I did the same thing in D3 until I had a Level 60 character which really probably was a mistake, too.

The farming runs in D3 are a billion times more fun.

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