Lowest speed weapon and naked dueling

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I think most of us are aware that a Balanced dagger and Balanced 1H Xbow are the fastest weapons in the game and maximize aps (I believe a buffed Barb can get over 5 aps with a balanced dagger). Many of us have probably even picked one up and swung one out of curiosity.

Last night I accidentally picked up a grey 1H Mace and realized that there should also be a slowest weapon. In theory, this is a gray 2H mace melee (0.90 aps base) and a gray 2H XBow ranged (1.10 aps base).

I doubt there will be much interest outside of myself and maybe 1 or 2 other crazy people, but I would love to see some horrendously poor weapons posted in this thread. I wonder if the worst of the worst would sell on the AH for curious folks like me.

I also think it would be a 1-time funny event to try naked dueling, except in reverse. Two players take their basic attacks, ilvl 63 weapons and go toe-to-toe. Lock down the attack button and wail on each other until one falls with that player as the winner.

Is it always best to go with a the lowest dps, but high IAS Darkblade or do you go with a painfully slow 2H Doom Hammer with its high dps, but utterly painfully slow strikes? My guess is the darkblade would win out handily, but if you get lucky and your opponent dodges a few strikes, the Doom Hammer could make a comeback in a hurry.

DHs are the only class unable to equip a Doom Hammer and both DHs and Monks have above average dodge. Wizards and Witch Doctors have above average AR and Barbs have above average Armor. I'm not sure which class would come out on top (bottom?).

Any theories? Has anyone ever actually actively tried this? I can't be the first one to come up with this idea. Or am I one of the maddest of the Mad Scientists?

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