Efficient mp10 Meteor build

Posted by Member moloch154 on 4/29/13 09:11 AM #1
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I am beyond frustrated with trying to get an efficient meteor build working for mp10. Survivability is not an issue so I am going to focus on the offensive numbers/skills. With the gear I am using, my stats are 200k/220k dps, 3.02/3.02 APS and 61/81 cc (unbuffed/fully buffed respectively). This is the build I am currently using. My main issue is that even though this build "works" well, it is not even close to my cookie cutter SNS build with similarly priced gear in terms of killing speed (for SNS I drop down a breakpoint to about 2.84 APS and add more DPS). I have found that in order to perma freeze with meteor, I need the 3.01 breakpoint to fuel my AP requirements for meteor.

So basically I am looking for some advice on the build to get it up to speed with the standard SNS build or hopefully surpass it. How I am currently setup allows me to spam Shards, freeze and meteor non stop for everything but the single target monster and even then, I can still perma freeze and just need to slow down my spamming of meteor some.

Is SNS just that much better? Thanks in advance.

On a side note, I have several different sets of gear for my Wiz, so my profile may have either my SNS, Meteor or Archon gear on. If it would help to see the specific gear I am using, I can set that up as well.

Posted by Member SlipryChiken on 4/29/13 10:08 AM #2
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Only done the ww barb lure 300 into a keep2 room barb for mp10.

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