Weeping Hollowed Restored

Posted by Member Mehsiah on 4/30/13 10:18 PM #1
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Just saw a blue post about them going back to early PTR Weeping Hollow, thank the heavens!

I went in their the other night and felt nerfed and boring. One of my fav places, kinda upset that they are nerfing every little mob density spot.
Posted by Member EnzyOne on 4/30/13 10:36 PM #2
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Yaaaay... if only I could play PTR...

... bring on the patchness!
Posted by Member Raulz0r on 4/30/13 11:18 PM #3
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I knew that place felt emptier, thank heavens they went back on that decision.
Posted by Member pyromarshall on 5/1/13 12:52 AM #4
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hope that patch happens soon
Posted by Member Raulz0r on 5/1/13 12:53 AM #5
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Probably next week, I'm 90% HIV Positive on this.
Posted by Member Stukthrtl on 5/1/13 08:58 AM #6
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LMAO! @Raulz0r
Posted by Member yoyo on 5/1/13 02:58 PM #7
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This move by Blizz was the right call, which makes me feel a little better knowing that they are at least trying and listening to the fan base. There have been times where I almost moved on from this game but I'm much more confident this game will reach its full potential when I see the development team learning from its mistakes.
Posted by Member ecocd on 5/1/13 04:10 PM #8
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To be fair, it wasn't a mistake so much as an experiment. I also take that as a very good sign. They had a minority voice on the boards that requested fewer monsters and decided to give it a try. After it was clear that it was not only unpopular with a select, loud group of players, but unpopular with a wide population of players, they called the experiment and went back to what worked before.

I love to see that kind of experimentation and it likewise bodes well for the development of the game. It's starting to feel like an enormous faceless studio built the game and now it's been taken over be an indie developer that is doing what they can to please their customer base and build (rebuild?) customer loyalty. Good things happening and I don't have to pay a dime more than I originally spent.

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