My Doc runs out of steam

Posted by Member SlipryChiken on 5/14/13 01:20 PM #1
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In higher MP 7 and up can be pretty easy to run out of mana on elites and especially bosses, what do I need to do? Drop the Witching hour maybe the Lacunis will that make a significant difference? I would try myself right now but blizzards being blizzard. (I know my vit sucks I'm working on it)
Posted by Member SlipryChiken on 5/14/13 01:21 PM #2
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Posted by Member yoyo on 5/14/13 01:48 PM #3
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IAS is not the WD's friend for most builds. Especially if your spamming Bears which is inevitable at higher mp. I would trade the lacunis for some nice crafted bracers and consider a source or ring with zombie redux. Or you could play around with a fire bats build which actually benefits from IAS. Many possibilities with th WD now. :)
Posted by Member eleganthobo on 5/14/13 02:07 PM #4
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Hey, I'm running a COB build (mp 10) on teams and a bears build in solo (mp7 / 8). I can't see your profile but I encourage you to switch over to the LS Skorn side if you haven't yet :) My 4 reasons for a Skorn are 1) the extra LS (my 4.4% is plenty given my mit) and 2) the extra 100% crit damage, 3) the slow attack speed helps immensely with mana trouble and 4) cheaper than best in slot 1h + mojo. Note: You'll get a drop in paper DPS as well with a Skorn, but trust me when i say your effective DPS will go up.

I have a Visage right now but I think at high MP a nice Zunimassa helm with 4 piece bonus is preferable.

Re: Lacunis --> I actually tried nice crafted bracers but I definitely prefer lacuni's for the movement speed when I solo. In sum, in groups crafted bracers will probably be better (200+ int, All resist, Vit, CC), but I want the movement speed when I solo.

For defensive stats for MP10, I would aim for at least 750AR, 4000 armor, and 45K+ health (that seems to work for me best). Look at Litany with either high CD or Intel/Vit, which is awesome for MP10. I usually run pox+ litany or pox + soj.
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Just found out somehow I sold my best crafted non speed gloves, that were better then the ones I got on....bloody devastated. Not a fan of the bats easier on the mana but I have crappy internet and alot of lag spamming bears in most directions keeps me going. It's a one man garbage truck in the new patch with all the trash around but yeah just running out on elites and stuff when they catch me by surprise and got no dogs. I'll look into the rings and mojos but. Usually it doesn't knock much off the total cost is big would have to buy alot of bear stuff. Hopefully I get better internet and when I do gunna change to a sacrifice build, running with a godly one few nights ago it was inspiring no matter how long it takes or what it costs.
Posted by Member SlipryChiken on 5/14/13 02:13 PM #6
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What's the COB build
Posted by Member eleganthobo on 5/14/13 02:14 PM #7
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@sliprychiken There are hundreds of variations, but check my last build which I used in a group very effectively. The only chang I would make is replace my Locust swarm = pestilence with either BBV slam dance OR Mass Confusion Paranoia for even more dps.
Posted by Member SlipryChiken on 5/14/13 02:22 PM #8
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Can just add me sliprychiken#6900 I'll have to see it in action when you're around, I have been playing with firebats in MP10 ubers but, think I was crit 2 mill the other night

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