Cloud of Bats 200K dps build vs Shielding Elites

Posted by Member DePablo on 5/21/13 08:26 AM #1
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I have a protypical CoB build that dies many times to Shielding affix elites.
In a public game with 4 players, it's no problem as I debuff the group for others (Hex/Jinx, Mass Confuse). But in solo MP 10, or a 2 player public game, it's hopeless. Even as confused pigs, the shields remain up and I get killed by another affix such as Molten or Desecrator.

Perhaps I am running the wrong primary attack (Medusa Spiders), in general.

Anybody have a strategy besides kiting?
Posted by Member eleganthobo on 5/21/13 09:21 AM #2
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Your armor/all resists/vit are too low, check out the gear TurkNukem uses (streamer, search youtube) and focus on his stats for MP10 (he has like close to 800AR and 80k life, similar armor). It also depends on where you farm, but on the whole, I'm on the same boat - can't solo using COB (bears are much safer). I'm trying to get 740AR/4K armor/60k life to see if that helps.

Since the most effective DPS you can achieve for COB is to stand for as long as possible, I'm wondering if a shield OH is a better choice (less paper dps, but more effective dps). Check the official forums as many people are wondering the same thing.
Posted by Member ninjax on 6/15/13 01:54 PM #3
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I've just moved to a cloud of bats build, and must say am having a blast. Had to buy all new gear but well worth it. Grabbed the build off a streamer too.

I don't have a problem with shielding really, mostly Nightmare.. or packs that generally run away and don't stay grouped, as you mentioned you need to stand still and re-casting COB costs a boatload of mana.

Don't see the need for a shield, I spam pestilence on all white mobs and random monsters I go past which keeps my HP pool topped up or as soon as I start COB im at full life from the huge crits (over 2M). I have vision quest for savage beasts and the odd nasty pack and the cooldown reduction is awesome.

Did ubers and it mostly worked too, didn't have as much of a problem with mana as I thought I would.
Posted by Member Khan on 6/16/13 11:47 AM #4
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I'm wondering if this build can benefit from a Burning Axe of Sankis.
Posted by Member hdvision on 6/17/13 06:36 AM #5
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I'm on a COB build as well, the DPS output when stacked with the other WD skills is crazy good. I'm still switching up some of the skills to suit my play style.
@Khan, that's an interesting idea. I wonder if the fire damage bonuses are worth it. Typical COB 1 hander (e.g. manajuma) has crit damage, LS and some INT. I've also seen others go with a rare axe for a slightly lower APS and possibility to put some vit on there as well. I'm guessing either socket or probably LS is what you'd want on the axe for the random roll on the Sankis. I'd personally go with LS since COB does massive damage. Not sure if what you miss out is worth the fire bonuses.
Posted by Member ninjax on 6/18/13 02:03 PM #6
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Yeah interesting idea but if you're running on high MP you really need LS with COB since you're standing dead still, pretty much everything will hit you. You could try stacking a lot of LoH but generally COB char using low APS 2H weapons like skorn (or even better, doom hammer) so you wont hit that often.

but hmm!

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