First "Oh SHI%$#" moment lmao

Posted by Member Stukthrtl on 5/31/13 09:01 AM #1
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Was Spirit walking away from some constructs.. Luckily i didn't have any other monsters on my tail!!
Posted by Member Bort on 6/1/13 01:36 AM #2
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Yeah. You never want to see half loaded maps on HC.

I just had a similar moment, but not due to DC.
Was just outside of Azmodan's door, and we hit one of those nasty Collosal Colgor rare packs.
Everything was going fine, I'm life leaching so no panic. Next moment the guy shields up, and 3 of them start gang stomping me.

Saw the red flashes, but was able to leap to safety.
Posted by Member Bort on 6/17/13 02:06 PM #3
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Well... just had another.

Just as I started an event my game suddenly crashed. Got a nice little error window and some fancy key to report to blizzard as well. I was certain my char was dead, but somehow when I got the game back up and running I was still alive. Still can't believe it actually. Going to re-logg now just to make sure...

Posted by Member Stukthrtl on 6/17/13 02:09 PM #4
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Close one!!
Posted by Member Bort on 6/17/13 02:17 PM #5
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Yeah.... heart is still pounding. I hate DC death. That moment when you log back in and NOT see your char is so bad.

Is only on lvl 35, so not like losing a high paragon lvl 60, but still. (I would have lost a nice cain set).
Posted by Member Stukthrtl on 6/17/13 02:22 PM #6
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I have yet to die. I know it's coming and not looking forward to it!!!
Posted by Member razer22 on 6/17/13 03:54 PM #7
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I was pubbing on act1 mp1 and encountered elite bulls at Fields of Misery. I got rammed by 2 or 3 of them and got red screened. At first I thought SV popped but amidst all that tension I was able to confirm it had not. Popped a potion and then spirit walked in to kill them with help from the group.

Haven't been in danger or really playing that much, so this brought me back to realize I needed to up my measly 40k hp.

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