What happened to the AH?

Posted by Member Raulz0r on 6/2/13 03:52 AM #1
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Suddenly the prices seem to have blown up on the AH, I remember I could get Ice Climbers with 180+ Dexterity for under 1mil, now the lowest one costs 4-5mil.
Posted by Member Lightshunner on 6/2/13 04:04 AM #2
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You can still do, on .EU..just checked now. If you want other stats to go with that (like vitality)...mmm..no.
Posted by Member Raulz0r on 6/2/13 04:09 AM #3
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I don't need them, but I just was giving out an example that he item prices went up.
Posted by Member Socrates on 6/2/13 11:13 AM #4
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It seems to me that most of the really high end items got bought out of the AH when the gold dupe occurred, so almost all items are now comparatively better than they were before. Couple that with the falling price of gold and you've got a lot of inflation.
Posted by Member Methrin on 6/2/13 12:28 PM #5
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Weekend inflation.

I've been monitoring rubies closely because I needed a lot of them. They were 13k last weekend, they dropped to 5k during the week, jumped back up to 7-8k and now they've been sitting cosily over 10k all weekend.

I was looking to buy some vit vile wards with 270+ str and I saw a similar curve in prices.

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