How to keep up WotB for dummies ;)

Posted by Member yoyo on 6/5/13 03:36 PM #1
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After helping out a WW Barb in a public game and his overenthusiastic response to my suggestion It occurred to me that keeping up WotB is a problem for a lot of peeps. While there are multiple factors to consider to keep the skill up like mp level and crit chance the most important factor is proper fury dump. What makes it hard in the first place is the fact that you don't want a full fury globe but you don't want an empty one either. Enter the wonderful barb skill sprint. I don't care what kind of barb you play, if your not using it your just being silly. The whole point of the game is to kill things as quickly as possible and sprint will help you to that end in more than one way. Sure getting to and through monsters is great but sprint is also a wonderful fury dump.

I'm going to put it as simply as possible. When you have WotB up and are (engaged with monsters) click sprint when you see the cool down hits 25%. I've been doing it so long its more of a timing thing where I don't look but I guess it would be like click (one second) click (one second) click. Its something that you will pick up on quickly if you have any timing at all.

Watch the WotB cool down while doing this and see the results for yourself. Hope this helps!
Posted by Member Windvool on 6/5/13 04:37 PM #2
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Ill add something here. When you recast sprint, the tornadoes that you dropped down will vanish. So if you are wanting the tornadoes to stay there, doing DPS for you, along with dump fury, you have to use battle rage instead. Working out the timing of casting battle rage after the cooldown, and always sprinting is the key to maximising DPS and staying in WotB.
Posted by Member yoyo on 6/5/13 05:19 PM #3
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You are correct sir. The only problem with spamming multiple fury spenders knocks most people out of WotB. I'ts not an easy thing to keep up if you don't know exactly what you are doing. Battle Rage lasts 2 minutes. IMO, this is not the skill you want to spam. It is in fact a skill you want at all times though. The reason sprint works is that its cool down lasts 3 seconds. So if you are recasting roughly every second this will keep WotB and dps flowing nicely. Obviously don't cast running to the next pack.
Posted by Member ecocd on 6/6/13 07:14 AM #4
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Rend and HotA are my preferred spammable Fury spenders. I use them depending upon my mood to help take down elites faster.

The part that gave me trouble was the counterintuitive concept that if you're having trouble keeping WotB up, you should increase the MP level, not decrease it. You need your tornadoes proccing Battle Rage, but their proc rate is miniscule so you need them to be hitting a lot. If the mobs are dying too quickly, you don't get enough tornado hits in to generate fury off of them. There's also a feel to when you can move from mob to mob, because if you wait around until every last critter is dead before you move onto the next mob, you're wasting 1-2 seconds of WotB uptime.

There's a fine line between high enough to keep up WotB, but not so high that it takes forever to take out elites. The NV stacks are especially important now with the multiplicative bonus to XP.
Posted by Member Tactik on 9/30/14 03:23 AM #5
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I have no idea what to sactifice to kepe up wotb, but in the future we might be able to do it again, since crusaders can.
We could do it too I think with the new gorgok and leoric's crown, but I don't want to know how much you sacrifice to get that.

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