inferno build need advice

Posted by Member wisedragon76 on 8/4/12 05:16 PM #1
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i just got my barb to infero a few days ago and hit a snag. thats as far as i can get. i got pretty good gear and stats, 23k dps, 39k hp,
my res all is kinda low. is there a skill set that works better for inferno? ive tried a few different one, but still cant get pass any champions.( i do handle reg minions groups ok) this is my first toon to infero so all help is appreciated.
Posted by Member Demonsplitter on 8/9/12 04:10 AM #2
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This is the setup I had for most of Act2 of Inferno which is insanely harder that Act1 (at least for me it was).

Barb Build

What skills are you running with?
Posted by Member Fugu on 8/9/12 04:27 AM #3
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Just follow the WW barb build . It's effective and can be done using cheap gear. You can basically farm everything from act 1 - act 3 easily .

Posted by Member Buzzell on 8/9/12 11:13 AM #4
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Here's an idea.
Posted by Member Fugu on 8/10/12 06:56 AM #5
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Here's what a ww build char is like . My items is expensive but if you just go for simple items like AR with STR or VIT , it's much cheaper that way .
Posted by Member wisedragon76 on 8/13/12 03:05 PM #6
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sorry been outta pocket for a few days, here is current build, i have manage to get through act 1 finally, some of the gear that is on now is some farm gear for hell, but i use same build.
Posted by Member wisedragon76 on 8/13/12 03:45 PM #7
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thanks everyone, i'll try a few of these.
Posted by Member vi6six on 8/15/12 11:20 PM #8
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are you staying away from the ever so popular WW build ? you have two very slow spears ..but decent armor and DPS .. if you change to sprint / run like the wind would be able to stay alive a bit longer against elites
Posted by Member menvert on 9/14/12 03:59 PM #9
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nice builds but I still wonder how you survive 2 handed, I die a lot on Act 3 even with shield (I do have a 700dps weapon for off hand I use sometimes).
Any hints for WW build? (Apart from magic find being very poor for farming)
Posted by Member AJAX89 on 9/14/12 04:50 PM #10
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I farm a3 just peachy with Lclick frenzy+sidearm, Rclick revenge+prov, 1 ignore pain+ign is bliss, 2 WOTB+Insanity, 3 war cry +impunity, 4 battle rage + marauder's rage

I have 117k dps buffed, so ignorance is bliss heals me to full in 1-2 hits. I focused on crit/cdmg and didnt really bother with res all... lolz

^my barb
Posted by Member Ffcreaper on 9/15/12 02:39 PM #11
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Your gear is probably much better than his to hit 117k dps. For a less er geared person expect around his stats and 4-600 res all unbuffed
Posted by Member robotdanny on 9/15/12 04:19 PM #12
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Aim for 500 res all and start working your way through act 1/2.
Posted by Member grandmasterb on 9/15/12 04:28 PM #13
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You need to get your DPS up higher if you're going to push into Act 2 anytime soon. I just did a quick search through your current build and you have no additional Crit Chance or Crit Damage. Try to find at least a pair of gloves or weapon with Crit on them. You'll get a significant boost to your DPS. You have way too much invested in MF, unless you're trying to farm Act 1 before moving on.

Another thing that I noticed is your followers have garbage gear. Are you soloing or playing with a follower? I'd recommend doing some cheap upgrades to your gear for them too, otherwise they're useless and get in the way.
Posted by Member FatalErrorVXD on 9/15/12 04:51 PM #14
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Movement speed is VERY important. It makes you harder to hit, keeps your WotB going and your grind faster. Most don't appreciate it.
Posted by Member StratosFEAR on 9/15/12 04:59 PM #15
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Posted by menvert at 09/14/2012 03:59 PM

nice builds but I still wonder how you survive 2 handed, I die a lot on Act 3 even with shield (I do have a 700dps weapon for off hand I use sometimes).
Any hints for WW build? (Apart from magic find being very poor for farming)

for 2hander i used rend + the life leech rune. the damage for rend is based off your main hand so a 2hander owns a 1hander almost everytime in terms of damage and the life steal from the rune PLUS any lifesteal you get from your weapon or belt makes it give you a very nice heal over time especailly on high hp elite packs. if you still find yourself strugglign to keep hp up invest in more all resist and armor and consider using revenge (i know its old and outdated but it can be helpful for anyone who refuses to play WW)

as for tips on the WW build try to get a pure dps only mighty weapon, axe or mace for the main hand since those are best to keep fury up and get a crap dps high atk speed high stat LOH and crit + socket off hand since the tornados are only based off of main hand damage but can get the other on hit effects off your off hand
Posted by Member Jeggerz on 9/15/12 05:38 PM #16
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You could use more crit dmg and crit chance. Also wep master wouldn't hurt if you can find and axe or mace to roll with to help with crit.

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