Valuable Low Level Gears

Posted by Member nuhertz on 8/20/13 01:42 PM #1
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I was just streaming yesterday looking for low level gear (specifically a Sledge Fist) and am now fixated on all the low level legendaries and rares with value.

I was asked by a viewer to powerlevel him at level 5, and I said fine, as long as we can farm Act 2, I want a Leoric's Signet. I wound up finding one 7 minutes later, and then raffled it away on stream. Fun!

What low level items do you know about that actually have value?

Where do you farm for them?

My Short List:

Genzaniku - Early Act 1 Normal

Leoric's Signet - Act 2 Normal

Sledge Fist - Act 3-4 Nightmare

Buriza-Do Kanyon - Act 3-4 Nightmare

Spectrum - Whimsyshire - Inferno

Horadric Hamburger - Whimsyshire - Inferno
Posted by Member ninjax on 8/21/13 02:06 AM #2
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Wow didn't know about sledge fist, that's pretty sweet.. could be cool against ubers!

When powerlevelling I've been picking up rares and RMAH'ing decent ones. Managed to sell a couple for under $2 but better than nothing!

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