Finishing Achievements - Need some help

Posted by Member nuhertz on 8/26/13 07:18 AM #1
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I'm on the last 1% of my achievement list!

I have 4 kills left until I lock in my 100% achievement.


Anyone know anything about this? I have been running Black Canyon Mines, Stinging Winds and Howling Plateau, and have only found champion (blue) fallen, not the rare (yellow) ones that I need.

In addition, I need Yakara, Rao'Thye or something similar, and to kill Diablo on inferno.

Paying 30m for the first two above, and looking for some help to figure out where to run for the rare fallen.

I seem to remember this one spawning in a dungeon instead of a normal area, but I could just be unlucky.

*Looks directly at @Bort*

EDIT: Also found this post on

Perhaps, like many monster types, Rares only spawn in certain areas separate from where you find trash versions. Try also looking in: Eastern Channel, Hidden Aqueducts, Khasim Outpost, Road to Alcarnus, Sundered Canyon
Posted by Member Bort on 8/26/13 10:37 AM #2
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*@nuhertz made ya look. :)*

Check screenshots below.

Fallen Rare: Howling plataeu and Stinging winds
So unless they changed it since I made it, thats it.

In my original guide you may notice I actually commented on the Fallen Being quite hard to find.

Quoting myself:
(4) Some of the Rares are really hard to find even though their Champion version spawns about every game. Like finding a Fallen rare can be quite hard, even though finding white and champion mobs of this kind is very easy.

So I guess I had trouble finding them as well. But no, for normal Fallen you don't need a special dungeon.

As for Yakara: Eastern Channel
Rao'Thye.... well, i'm going to assume you mean Rhau'Kye: Silver Spire 2.

P.s. its all the guide already. :P
Posted by Member nuhertz on 8/26/13 11:14 AM #3
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@Bort Over the top awesome.

I knew about the two others, but I didn't actually assume you had anything listed about the Rare Fallen.

Should've read. I just looked at the locations.

I was extremely surprised I wasn't finding it, since everything else in your guide is spot on. Shouldn't have doubted.


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