Thorns Gear + White Set

Posted by Member moloch154 on 10/17/13 07:36 AM #1
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I need to clear some inventory and have a decent set of thorns gear I was wondering if anyone wanted. I play it as a weapon throw barb and it is pretty fun (gear on plvl10 Barb in profile). Have a nice Scheaf Hammer to go with it too if you just want to stand there doing nothing and kill everything.

I also have the most godly set of ilvl63 whites that I have seen for anyone who wants that. Obviously not playable in inferno, but it is fun to throw a HF ring on and roll like that. Also if anyone wants to use it for white only brawling. Have some perfect roll white weapons to go with that as well.

If you want them, just give me a shout. They are free :P

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