Posted by Member Mehsiah on 10/24/13 08:11 PM #1
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Whats the difference between normal and mechanical? Can someone explain?..
Posted by Member Bort on 10/24/13 10:50 PM #2
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I'm going to give you the very lazy answer.

Posted by Member nuhertz on 10/25/13 11:59 AM #3
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Mechanical makes annoying sounds. You really just need a keyboard that supports more than 2-3 simultaneous inputs (pressing 3 keys at once.) Anything else is really extraneous in my opinion.
Posted by Member rschuyl2 on 10/25/13 01:57 PM #4
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Yeah, I have a Razor Blackwidow mechanical. I love it, but the key clicks are very loud. My wife complained so much about it when I game that I picked up a Razor Orbweaver gaming keypad. It's quiet and more comfortable for gaming.
Posted by Member Mehsiah on 10/26/13 12:57 AM #5
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Ordered some new goodies:

Newegg Keyboard
^ Corsair Vengeance K95 CH-9000020-NA Black/Metal USB Wired Gaming Mechanical Keyboard (NA)

I don't mind the clicking sound of mechanical keyboards, I watched a few videos on the sounds and it I ever get deeply annoyed with it, there's ways to dumb down the sound. I needed a gaming keyboard, have been using the generic $35 keyboard+mice for the past 5 years.

Newegg Mice
^ Just a new Mice that's hopefully gonna be better on my hand.
Posted by Member Mehsiah on 10/30/13 02:15 PM #6
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Just got the new keyboard and mouse in and must say im loving it so far. I gotta get use to the fast speed on this keyboard since im so use to slow input. You cant change the color that it glows but u can turn down how bright it is which is fine by me. Picture is below!
Posted by Member nuhertz on 11/6/13 12:34 PM #7
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Those pictures on Newegg just don't do it justice. Looks nice!

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