What items are being selled by RMAH ?

Posted by Member Gubear on 12/20/13 08:26 AM #1
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Does any one knows currently wich items are selling fast and good in the RMAH by now?
I have some Battle.net Balance that I'd like to take to PayPal.

Thank you.
Posted by Member ninjax on 12/29/13 10:10 AM #2
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I'm in the same boat, about all i can think to do with it is buy the expansion!
Posted by Member Bort on 12/29/13 11:58 AM #3
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I wish I was in that boat. I'm trying to get enough money to buy the expansion, but still far from target. :)
Posted by Member ninjax on 1/6/14 05:15 AM #4
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I kind of got the impression from the AH announcement that Bliz would be releasing information about how to make use/withdrawal of your Blizz balance but zilch so far.

I wonder if I can use it to buy other games outside of Diablo?
Posted by Member Bort on 1/7/14 03:34 AM #5
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AFAIK you can buy WOW play time with it. As far as I can tell it simply shows up as balance on blizz site, so you should be able to buy pretty much anything.

But I know it didn't work like this initially, so I might be entirely wrong.
Posted by Member mentok1982 on 1/7/14 12:09 PM #6
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Please read this thread:

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