Clan rh is recruiting for ROS!!!

Posted by Member Jonushk on 2/26/14 09:45 AM #1
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Clan RH is Getting reorganized and preparing for the launch of Diablo3 Reaper of Souls! Our Community has been around for a Decade and has always been a very strong community with many loyal and active members.
Open Recruitment is now Closed! You can still join though.

How new Recruitment process works:

1.Register and apply on website and join TeamSpeak
2.Get accepted into the community on the Game, and get access to TeamSpeak
3.After 1 week if you have been active on teamspeak and the website you will be invited to the Clan Roster

Requirements once you hit member Status:
1.Active on TeamSpeak
2.Active on website
3.Being social and playing with the clan

Skill requirement is not necessary, We have players new to the game, and players doing T6! So you can find someone to play with no matter what your skill level is! all we ask is to have fun and be active on TeamSpeak and the website! (you do not necessary have to post, just check it for update)

Below are some of the benefits we have for our members:
-350+ Member Teamspeak 3 Server
-Professional Website
-Experienced Approachable Leadership
-An Active Community That Supports Multiple Game
-Long-term Dedication and Success
-Knowledge Of Games And Able to Utilize The Knowledge To Help Others
-Great Social Network
-A lot Of Clan Spirit
-Great Teamwork

Please feel free to join us on our teamspeak at:
If you are interested in applying please visit us at:

For further questions you can get a hold of me on the website or in game!
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Posted by Member Jonushk on 3/1/14 03:56 AM #2
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updated with new recruitment process!

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